Remember Me is the first single off the re-release of T.I.‘s double platinum album, Paper Trail. The track features R&B singer Mary J. Blige. The song is a really catchy banger and classic T.I. Definitely check out his first single from the re-release of Paper Trail. His second single from the re-release is scheduled to be “Hell of a Life“. “Hell of a Life” can easily be comparable to “Whatever You Like” Pt. 2.

A music video has been shot for “Remember Me” with director Erik White and will be premiering soon.

Lyrics for T.I. feat. Mary J. Blige – Remember Me

(Let’s get em Mary)

Don’t forget
to Remember me (ay don’t forget Shawty)
I’ll be back – so remember me
Please keep me in your heart
If we have to ever part
Don’t forget me, to remember me

The king marley day martin luther malcom x
I’m officially the freshest, don’t dare forget I’m gone
Momementairly don’t bury me yet like Ali
got I got the title back prepare for that
When the world needed Tip, ask where was he at?
But when he need some back – fade to black
talk — behind his back, you a hater for that
I don’t respect noneless, in the game of chess…

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Listen/Download: T.I. feat. Mary J. Blige – Remember Me

Listen/Download: T.I. – Hell of a Life (Second Single)

The re-release issue of Paper Trail is scheduled for a summer release, which will contain five new songs. The release is tentatively titled Paper Trail: Case Closed. T.I. stated that “Like I Do” featuring The-Dream and “My Dear” featuring Ciara are two possible tracks. Rob Knox, the co-producer of “Dead and Gone”, stated in an interview that the album will be re-released. Knox also said that the first single off the re-release would be another song produced by himself and Justin Timberlake. The first single off the re-release was released onto the Internet on May 14, 2009 titled “Don’t Forget” featuring Mary J. Blige. The final version was released on May 26, 2009 titled “Remember Me”

T.I. stated two other possible song choices including the collaboration with Fall Out Boy and a remix to “On Top of The World” with Kanye West instead of Ludacris. Another song titled “All Night” was released onto the Internet which is another song possibility. Another single was released for digital download called “Hell of a Life“, which is the slated second single.



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