Making the Band Mixtape – MTB4, Danity Kane and Cheri Dennis

Diddy announced at the end of the Season 4 live finale that there will be another season of Making The Band that will show the Season 4 winners and Donnie’s debut albums along with Danity Kane‘s second album coming together. He also said that there will be a “Making The Band” tour with Danity Kane, the Season 4 winners and Donnie. Danity Kane and Making The Band 4 Winners will all move into the same house and record their new albums and get to know each other a lot more.This will be Danity Kane‘s second album and Making The Band 4 Winners’ Debut. The new season is scheduled to air on January 28, 2008 according to the official Making the Band 4 MySpace. The season will be centered around the competition in which who will release their album first in the first half of the season, followed by drama in the later half of the season according to the trailer currently playing to promote the season. Leading up to the premiere of season 2, a snippet of a song called “Together” produced by Bryan Michael Cox recently leaked onto the internet.

The Making The Band 4 boys have a song out called “Got Me Going” (lead single off their upcoming album). Danity Kane has a confirmed lead single called “Damaged”. Fans voted between it and another song, “Pretty Boy”. Donnie J. Klang also has out a song called “So Beautiful”. Both “Damaged” and “Got Me Going” were released to all digital music stores on January 29.

The group’s official name is “Day 26“. Day 26 Most likely refers to August 26 when the band was chosen.

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