Check out these 3 new promo pictures for Ashlee Simpson’s upcoming studio album titled Bittersweet World“, which will hit stores sometime in March.

Simpson said in a January 2008 interview that the album celebrated her love of life and described how working with Timbaland, Hugo and Kenna was a change of pace; she also said that she wrote or co-wrote all of the songs on the album. The lyrics on Bittersweet World are “more abstract” than on past albums, she said, but she was “still singing about things I’ve gone through or friends went through”, calling the subject matter “diverse and universal”. She mentioned “Never Dream Alone” as her favorite from the album, describing it as “a sweet emotional song that has been stripped down to piano, strings and vocals”. She said that “Rulebreaker” is about having a “badass feeling” and that “Murder” is “a metaphor about a girl who can get away with murder because of who she is”.