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  • Aqua – Like A Robot

    Aqua – Like A Robot

    “Like A Robot” is the lead first single from Danish-Norwegian pop band Aqua‘s upcoming third studio album, Megalomania. The track was written and produced by Lucas Secon and Aqua. The track was released on Universal Musicdk’s official YouTube channel in early September 2011. The album will be released on October 3, 2011 on Universal Music Denmark, more […]

  • Aqua – How R U Doin?

    Aqua – How R U Doin?

    “How R U Doin?” is the first single from Danish-Norwegian dance-pop group, Aqua‘s upcoming third studio album. The track premiered in early-mid March 2011. It is set to be released has the lead single off of their upcoming album on March 14, 2011, confirmed by the groups Facebook page. Aqua is a Danish-Norwegian dance-pop group, […]

  • Aqua – My Mamma Said Music Video

    My Mamma Said is the second single from Aqua‘s second compilation album, Greatest Hits. The video was directed by Rasmus Laumann. I’m speechless about the video, it’s simply brilliant and the song – although much different from Aqua’s previous songs, is just PERFECT!! Aqua’s back! Check for their third studio album due out sometime in […]

  • Aqua – “Back To The 80s” Music Video

    “Back to the 80s” is the first single released from Aqua Greatest Hits compilation and first Aqua single in 9 years. As most singles by Danish acts, it was released only as a digital download. The song premiered launched on Danish radio on 25 May 2009 on Radio 100FM. The song was first played on Australian […]

  • Aqua – Back To The 80’s (Those Were the Days) Live @ Gron Koncert 2008 Aarhus

    Aqua (yes, Barbie Girl Aqua!) recently performed a new song Back To The 80’s (Those Were the Days) Live @ Grøn Koncert 2008 Aarhus. After a failed attempt at a solo career, Lene, much like Nicole Scherzinger, is going back to her roots with Aqua. What do you think, is this a comeback single for […]