The Hype Factorwas created in 2006. It generally covers the latest Top 40, R&B, Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop, Dance and anything else you would generally hear on the radio. It is generally covering the latest Urban scene music, from the latest Dirty South to the latest Lady Gaga single!

It has undergone many changes, and it is currently on it’s version four. On March 15th 2009 at around 1:30am the fourth version was applied to the website. The feedback was been very positive. It is what you are currently viewing, please enjoy it!

The Hype Factor IS:

  • A Dedicated Music Website and Community
  • A Production / Composition Label in conjunction with K.I.O.T.L or..
  • Affiliation with Keep It On The Low ENT and Lyricsmart
  • Run by the one and only Krazy “C-Easy” Che3To
  • Updated DAILY FOR YOU, let me know what you want to see here on T.H.F.!
  • Covering only the POSITIVITY and the brighter side of Music, just the Video & Music.
  • This isn’t here for my Opinion, everything I post is (in my opinion) QUALITY
  • RESPECT the artists

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Are you a Musician, Composer, Producer, Singer, Songwriter, or anything else?

Did you know The Hype Factor is not only a website but it is also a dedicated Production Company with conjuction of Keep It On The Low ENT and with a strong following 2010, 2011 and beyond is sure to be bright future for those who keep their connections and friendships open for business.

If you have “MUSIC” material or are interested in working with us at The Hype Factor. We are looking for Hip-Hop/Rap, R&B, Pop, Reggae, Dance, Top 40 or anything that can safely be called “A good beat”. If we’re on the same page what are you waiting for? CONTACT US NOW, we have got work for you, RIGHT NOW!

We can help you make a song, or we can help you make your music better. Or, we can just help guide you if you really know what you’re doing. Send all material here: thehypefactor-contact-us and please personalize the emails or else if they’re mass mailed will probably be ignored. Just a simple “Hey The Hype Factor” is fine. Note if you’re a musician or interested in something and what exactly you feel you specialize in.

Check out the CONTACT page if this sounds like something you’d be interested in.

Enjoy The Hype Factor? But, want more?

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History and What The Hype Factor used to look like:

Version 4.0:

(The one you’re looking at now!)

The best of both worlds. A bit of gray, a bit of blue and a bit of white – perfect combo. The boxes stayed there, but they were added with a +/- to allow to easily read 10 more posts. Featured slider features the latest 24 featured posts and automatically slides. (Yay!)

Version 3.0:


Version 3.0 was turned into a Magazine-style layout. This is where The Hype Factor really took off, I was messing around with the background at the time and thought the color scheme worked. I eventually didn’t really like the completely Gray background, thus where Version 4.0 came into play. This version featured a click slider, rather than an automatic slider.

Version 2.0:


Version 2 first started off as a 2 column later, but later was changed to a three column (the left and right both being equal and then 550px in the center area). There was an added featured image slider, which was later dropped in version 3.0

Version 0.5 and 1.0.: Coming soon.