Pink Confirms Eminem Collaboration ‘Revenge’

Pink Confirms Eminem Collaboration ‘Revenge’

The internet has been abuzz this week about a new song featuring P!nk and Eminem, but are the rumors true? Well, P!nk recently confirmed that yes – indeed, they are about to blow on Pink’s new album ‘Beautiful Trauma’ (due October 13th).

Speaking with Dan Wooton on ITV’s Lorraine today, the 38-year-old revealed that the song ‘Revenge’ features Slim Shady himself.

Describing the track as “fun, funny” and loved by her mom, the star opened up about her Family life, working with Eminem and on her upcoming album ‘Beautiful Trauma’.

With multiple releases from her upcoming album, she is in full effect pushing the sales and single rotations all over the internet and radio. Fans are very happy, and P!nk/Eminem enthusiasts cannot wait to hear the duet!

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