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Rocko – Lingo Music Video

Lingo” is the second promotional single from American Rapper Rocko‘s mixtape with DJ Scream Wildlife, and possibly an upcoming second studio in the works. For most of the hood folk, you already know what most of this stuff means.

But, depending on where you live you might call some things other places call something entirely different – and you might have not even heard half of it before.

However you look at it, Rocko is “We” and you are.. well “You”. Let’s be a part of “We” and learn some lingo with one of my favorite tracks from Rocko off his “Wildlife” mixtape, that is – right next to “Maybe” – check out that bumping music video over here.

Check out what Rocko calls some of your favorite things, maybe you’ll learn some new “Lingo” – ..get it?


Rich Boy – Kool-Aid, Kush & Convertibles Mixtape


First Rich Boy brought you Pacc Man, now he’s hooked up with one of the hottest DJs out of the hood Rich Ent. Family “DJ Scream” to bring you Kool-Aid, Kush & Convertibles. –

  1. You Betta Go Hard
  2. Put Me In The Game
  3. Re-Elected Interlude
  4. Kool-Aid Kush Convertibles (feat. Skapio)
  5. Convertible Status
  6. Come And Get Me (feat. Fiend)
  7. I’m A Fool Wit
  8. Don DadaFeat. Young Dose
  9. How We Rockin Interlude
  10. Country Club
  11. Drop Top (Remix) (feat. Al Myte & Supa Villain)
  12. Count Dem 100s (feat. OJ Da Juiceman & Al Myte)
  13. Send For Me
  14. Buried Alive (Outro)
  15. I’m In Love
  16. It’s Over
  17. Fuck Boy (feat. Gangsta Boo)
  18. Grown And Sexy
  19. Where It’s At (feat. Gorilla Zoe & Gucci Mane)