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“BDE” – Qveen Herby

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The official video for Qveen Herby’s “BDE.” Listen on your favorite platform: http://smarturl.it/QHEP5


That’s my energy big dick energy
Never let a fake hoe get in front of me
Bitch you better let go you can’t take the heat
That’s my energy big dick energy

Superstar I’m a superstar
When I walk in the room go dark
Took your girl and I don’t feel sorry no way
Just playin
Don’t be scared of me
Havin fun
F you want
Cup of Hennessy
And a blunt
Like a fog machine
Can’t name one
Bitch who drip like me

12 inches take a poll I’m uncut outta control
Stroke of genius bout to blow like you never seen before
Once a week post on Instagram and they be screaming goals
I be busy breaking molds catching ice I’m too cold
Frapuccino mocha
Don’t give me granola
I might turn my back on you beach like Corona
Beamer or Corolla
Can’t fuck up my aura
I got so much balls you could call it tapioca
I got all these cameras all around me
Always TMZ in my vicinity
They be tryna bling on my frequency
Got my fingers covered in Swarovski
Champagne breath from the party
Fendi balls hangin from my car keys
How do I put this harshly
Play a fake bitch like a Barbie
Let me just drop it like it’s hot quick
For the seven million fans that I be with
You wanna be slick but you cannot fit
So you better put it back in your sock, prick

Listen to EP 1: http://hyperurl.co/r14mux
Listen to EP 2: http://smarturl.it/QveenHerby-EP2
Listen to EP 3: http://smarturl.it/QveenHerby-EP3
Listen to EP 4: http://hyperurl.co/teev8h
Listen to EP 5: http://smarturl.it/QHEP5
Listen to EP 6: https://ffm.to/qveen_6
Listen to EP 7: https://ffm.to/ep7_
Listen to EP 8: https://ingroov.es/ep-8

Shop the look: http://www.qveenstudio.com

Subscribe to Qveen Herby: http://bit.ly/QveenHerbyYT

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Director + Set Design @thatsluckie_
Camera Operator + Editor @qburdette
Assistant Director @jediinick
Art Department @angie_gora
Lighting Assistant @dbutton1107
Production Assistant @whatwouldalexanderdo
VFX @benjamin_farren
Stylist @letlastyleyou
Makeup Artist @cagne_liann
Nail Artist @nailcraft.la
Glam Assist @cmalyia @allhale_hannah
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