1. First did wack ray J have to make an appearance I mean I know he has been in almost every brandy video but I just don’t think his presence was needed. Second I understand she is trying to take a positive slant on things instead of singing about love but I’m not quite sure this song is making me feel what she wants me to feel, and third I know she get paid for those wigs but ummmm WOW why she not endorsing lace-fronts? Those wigs look real low budget, but I mean she got a kid so who needs premium yaki when you got a college fund to set up. I did love her style in the video clothes wise very mature without screaming out whore. This song has to grow on me but right now me no likey. Is she still on her brothers label? If so that would explain a lot about the video.

  2. i would have to disagree with the previous comment. brandy took a chance using this song as her release and i thinnk it was a good one. every song thats out right now is about sex drugs and everything else negative. this song everyone could relate to whether u r refering it to a relationship a family member or god. she looks beautiful.BRANDY IS BACK!!!!!!!

  3. Hey, Are you going to be making a follow-up post? The spouse and me have spent some time looking over your webpage and surprisingly enough you highlighted some thing i was talking over just the other day with our daughter. We quite often hear ourselves arguing with the littlest of issues, isn’t it silly? Regardless we wish everyone all the best from the Usa.


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