Flo Rida performing “Right Round” Live on Ellen DeGeneres + Halle Berry dancing to “She’s Fine (Halle Berry)”


Flo Rida performed his first single Right RoundLive on Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday March 31st. Flo Rida eventually makes it rain with hand fulls of cash into the crowd, and they all go crazy. If they weren’t a fan already of his, they certainly are after this performance.

Halle Berry also stopped by and Ellen, she showed her dance moves to Hurricane Chris‘ current single She’s Fine featuring Superstarr. If you already didn’t know, the hook is “Halle Berryy… Halle Berryy.. Halle Berryy… repeat..” Anyway,  check out the entire interview below and check out her dancing around the last 2-3 minutes of the interview:

Video Removed Sorry! 🙁


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