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She Wolf” is Shakira‘s first single taken from her forthcoming English language studio album. The song will have a Spanish version that will be used to promote the English album in Spanish-speaking territories.

The music video was directed by Jake Navay. It was shot from June 9 to June 12 in Los Angeles, CA. According to one of the participants in the shoot, the video features live wolves. A video for the spanish version will also be released.

Listen/Download: Shakira – She Wolf (English Version)

Listen/Download: Shakira – Loba (Spanish Version)

Watch/Download: Shakira – She Wolf

  • She Wolf

Watch/Download: Shakira – Loba

  • Loba

The song has received extremely positive reviews. On June 16, 2009, Pop Justice got an advanced listen of the track, describing it as “literally very good“. “It doesn’t sound like anything Shakira has done before – it’s a bit dancey and a bit electronic with a quite organic disco feel – but even as an instrumental there would still be a feeling that this is very much a Shakira-sounding track… it’s a new sound for Shakira but only Shakira could make a song like this and get away with it… ‘She Wolf’ represents a brilliantly tight bond between art and artist. It’s fun and deranged, too, like pop music at its best sometimes needs to be”. On June 17, 2009, Digital Spy also had an advance listen of the track; the review said that the song “sounds like nothing else in the charts at the moment… This is the sort of track that will sound terrific on the radio, terrific on the dancefloor and especially terrific as you strut into work with your iPod cranked up to full whack on a hot summer’s morning. In short, it’s an absolute smash“.

A viral advertising campaign was started around June 12th to promote the song. is a site about a wolf hunter that has dedicated his life to catch the She-wolf, and the only way to accomplish it is to find videos of the she-wolf attacks around the world. The campaign quickly motivated Shakira’s fans all around the world to create videos similar to the original one.

Shakira She Wolf alternate cover



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