Diamond – P.M.S. (Pardon My Swag) Mixtape

Diamond Pardon My Swagg Mixtape cover

P.M.S. (Pardon My Swagg) is a mixtape from rapper Diamond (formerly of Crime Mob). The mixtape is provided by DJ Smallz. Expect her solo album to drop soon currently titled Black Barbie.

  1. Lift Off
  2. Always (Remix)
  3. Niccas Ain’t Shit ft Attitude
  4. Superbad ft Cee-Lo
  5. Sicknan
  6. Snuck Up On Me ft Rasheeda
  7. Tore Up
  8. Turn My Swag On (Remix)
  9. Like A Hoe
  10. Run Up Get Done Up
  11. Ladies Iz Pimpz Too
  12. Wassup Up Wit Da Pussy ft Juney Boom
  13. Every Bag (Rmx)
  14. Wetta
  15. Baddest (Remix)
  16. Fuck Da World ft Lil Wayne
  17. Role Model ft Nicole Ray
  18. Wishy Washe ft Lil Scrappy

Listen/Download: Diamond – P.M.S. (Pardon My Swagg) Mixtape

Watch Diamond’s “Sicknan” Music Video

Check out these tracks from Diamond’s mixtape P.M.S. :

Diamond – Sicknan

Diamond – Superbad (feat. Cee-Lo)

Diamond – Always (Remix) (Birdman’s Always Strapped)

Diamond – Snuck Up On Me (feat. unknown & Rasheeda)

Diamond – Run Up Get Done Up

Diamond – Turn My Swag On (Remix)

Diamond – Fuck Da World (feat. Lil Wayne)

Diamond – Role Model (feat. Nicole Wray)

Diamond – Wishe Washe (feat. Lil Scrappy)


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