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Tag: Lene

Aqua – Like A Robot

“Like A Robot” is the lead first single from Danish-Norwegian pop band Aqua‘s upcoming third studio album, Megalomania. The track was written and produced by Lucas Secon and Aqua. The track was released on Universal Musicdk's official YouTube channel in...
"How R U Doin?" is the first single from Danish-Norwegian dance-pop group, Aqua's upcoming third studio album. The track premiered in early-mid March 2011. It is set to be released has the lead single off of their upcoming...

Aqua – Back To The 80’s (Those Were the Days) Live @ Gron Koncert 2008 Aarhus

Aqua (yes, Barbie Girl Aqua!) recently performed a new song Back To The 80's (Those Were the Days) Live @ Grøn Koncert 2008...

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