Diary” is the first single from Tino Coury‘s upcoming first studio album dropping later this year on indie label Eleventh Records. Twenty-one year old Coury is Pittsburgh-bred, based out of L.A., and comes to the pop world with a canny combination of exhilarating pop, slamming beats and lyrical drama. The track was mixed by Grammy winner Manny Marroquin (Usher, Alicia Keys) and he is currently working with producer Alex Cantrall (Fantasia, Dru Hill, JoJo).

Listen/Download: Tino Coury – Diary

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    • I tried so hard for the ability to post the MP3 here, but they said that since it’s such a new artist they would really appreciate if the song was not posted online with the MP3. I respected what they asked for me, and quite possibly when the video drops or it’s added to iTunes you can definitely check back here. Until then my only option to give you guys was a stream, sorry I couldn’t do any more! I think it’s so wrong to not freely share a single or a song, it’s only the best publicity any artist can get. But until then, enjoy the track!

  1. When is it available in the UK Store version of iTUnes?? I want it but i cant, despite it being only in other countries, apart from mine?:(

  2. i just use Wavepad to internally record any audio playing on my comp (like youtube/viral videos or even music videos like this) then convert it in2 MP3 🙂 BAM! for free LoL dont ask me where 2 get it, simply google “download wavepad” lol

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