A Day Day (I Have ADD) by Tornado Todd – Spoof of Hurricane Chris A Bay Bay

A Day Day is an original spoof of rap song “A Bay Bay” by Hurricane Chris. The song is performed by Tornado Todd, the track was produced by Ranidu and the video was written, directed, produced and edited by Peter Furia. I’m pretty sure this is a bit late of a “Spoof” video, however it is too good of a video to pass up. Definitely give it a chance if you even remotely liked “A Bay Bay” at one point in time.

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“A Day Day” Performed by Tornado Todd
Beat Produced by Ranidu
Written, Directed, Produced & Edited by Peter Furia
Camera by David Fine
Intro Animation by Alex Newman
Created by Seedwell

Appearances by Bemoreal, Curly Jerry, and others…
FYI, for anyone who’s curious, the maker of this video was diagnosed with ADHD in 1994 and has plenty of experience with all this. A Day Day, batches!
Yeeeeaaahh! Tornado Todd! A Day Day.
U wanna know what the Doc says I got? – A DAY DAY!
And everybody else on my block – A DAY DAY!
Poppin Ritalin to keep it hot – A DAY DAY!
Awwww – what was I sayin? – A DAY DAY!
i’m in ya school hollin
A Day Day, A Day Day, A Day Day
A Day Day, A Day Day
i’m in ya class hollin
A Day Day, A Day Day, A Shay Bay
A Day Day, A Day Day
I’m in ya school hollin–

now when i study up in school
i’m fi’in to get my learn on
it’s so hot up in this class
that i ain’t got no shirts on
Holdin up a big stack of dem books
plus some rubba bands
Girl don’t ask me for no pills
I need em for my focus, magn!
Everybody’s trippin, cause I’m twitchin
When I’m grippin pencils flippin til it’s written
I don’t trip on chicken saucy
The boys in the back, they be foldin up the papey
Then they throw em like some planeys
Origami, feel me baby?
Now when a teacher’s on my case
I’m hollerin back “A Day Day!”
Hope ya’ll ain’t hatin my disorder
It’s in the DSM-IV
And I don’t care what he say or she say
I’m runnin late for class
Doin dishes in my PJs
You wanna know what we say, when class gets crunk? (what)
A Day Day, what we say, that’s our song, turn it up
You wanna know what we say, when school gets crunk? (what)
A Day Day, what we say, that’s our song, turn it up


Now if you’re lookin for me, baby you can find me
writin, readin, eatin, skeetin – doin 9 things
Shorty’s gettin hot cuz they can’t keep they eye on me
Move so fast that they can’t be denyin me
Show my Rx to-them-freaks, now they eyein me
Oh, we got a problem cuz everybody’s buying these
Throw my book down then-I reach under my seat
Pull out bubble wrap and start poppin til she’s cryin please!
Teacher tryin to stop me
She’s tryin to see where I’m gonna be
You gonna let me dance up in yo class?
well, that’s what I’m a be
doin everything on impulse
so properlay
Act then think
That’s my A Day Day philosophay
i know my style is weird
damn skippy, dude, it got to bay
hyphy crunked out from my hyper-activitay
And if you thank i’m gonna change, you trippin
My A Day Day’s the way i’m really livin



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