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Jada – “American Cowboy” Music Video

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American Cowboy” is the first single from American girl group Jada‘s upcoming first studio album. The uptempo track was produced by RedOne. Jada is a girl group from Boston, Massachusetts. The group is currently signed to Motown/Universal. The group consists of Elle Wine, April Forrest, Lauren O’Keefe and Jacyn Tremblay.

The group will maybe sing a collaboration with R&B singer JoJo for their first album.

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Listen/Download: Jada – American Cowboy

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  1. oh my god I love love love this group! Cant wait til they come to my town. Houston! I heard this song on House!

  2. These are seriously awesome…they performed at RIT last weekend and they were soooooo good! I bought their song on iTunes and listen to it all the time!! Love them!

  3. i heard this song on House too!! i love it! i i downloaded it on itunes:) these girls are gonna be huge. redone and akon have another hit single on their hands with American Cowboy!!

  4. These girls are amazing! I'v heard them live and they all have amazing voices, especially the one with the black hair, wow she can really belt it out! These girls are the real deal baby! They are sooo pretty too! Love American Cowboy wish I knew if they were coming to my town soon!

  5. go jada! heard their single on House last week. it was the best scene! I had to look up what song it was and download it. These girls are gonna be huge….and they are super hot haha

  6. I actually know her too and shes an awesome person really down to earth and let me tell ya she would help ya if ya needed help on the side of the road shes just like that a real sweet girl! So anyone else is full of it! oh and did i say she can SING!!!!!!! 🙂

  7. Jacyn Trembley will break out…………………guaranteed!

    In any case they're too good to be sharing any bill with Jojo or Ashely Tisdale . Going safe with a Red One stamp, or pigeon-holing for top 40 not the way stand out. They're better than the material.

  8. You guys are cute. But from my interactions with her….no thanks. Help someone on the side of the road….yeah right, she wouldn't want to break a nail or get her clothes dirty.

  9. I know Jacyn and she is the kindest sweetest girl who would give you the clothes off her back! You are lying if you say otherwise. Of all the girls she is the most down to earth and has the best voice! it's a fact! I think some people are just trying to spread stuff in spite. For your information Jacyn isn't a girly girl and wears mostly jeans and a t-shirt so the whole clothes dirty and break a nail thing is bull. Watch the videos of them on youtube and you'll see for yourself.

  10. LOL you wish you knew Jacyn Tremblay but obviously you don't,. because anyone who has met that girl knows she is a doll! Wow this is really sad that the haters have already started and they barely have had their first single out. People who have nothing better to do than sit around all day criticizing people they don't know are pathetic! Isn't that what youtube is for? Jacyn, who is one of the nicest people you could possibly meet in the music biz, is ridiculously talented and beautiful so no wonder people are going to try and take her down.

  11. I've known her since elementary school….all through high school, too. I don't need any convincing. If i'm a hater then oh well. I wasn't a fan of her when she was a nobody, and I won't be a fan of her if she makes it.

  12. This is for the person "HA" guess what? YOU are a nobody and no one will notice if you are a fan of hers or not. The girl is going to have millions of fans and I think you are just bitter! Jacyn Tremblay is going be a star and for your information I've known her for years and she is so kind and sweet , not to mention has worked her little but off to get where she is. She has one of the best voices out there and to all you people writing nasty comments…get a life. Does it really make you feel better about yourself to put her down? Oh and by the way "HA" if you really went to school with Jacyn what elementry school and what town did she go to? hmmmmm?

  13. I am finding it extremely hard to believe that anyone would have anthing bad to say about Jacyn Tremblay. She is so down-to-earth and nice.

  14. Haters Are Bitter – She went to Thorpe Elementary School in Danvers, MA. Anything else you feel the need to question me on? I don't know why it's so concerning to all of you that maybe someone in the world doesn't like her.

  15. I went to school with April,she was very popular and smart too (she use to give us all the answers) I always knew she was gonna be famous! got some real talent goin on I remeber her dancing and singing on stage when we wer in like 2nd grade she took over the stage and her mom was way cool too she always did the stage stuff with us, Way to go April .. Eric


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