The summer jam of the year, “Let It Rock” is the first single from Kevin Rudolf, the latest addition to Cash Money – for his upcoming album. The track features Lil’ Wayne. Video includes appearances from Birdman. This needs no introduction, just enjoy!

Listen/Download: Kevin Rudolf feat. Lil’ Wayne – Let It Rock


  1. hell no!!!! this song is the best!! Lil’ Wayne is so awesome he makes this songs awesome and with Kevin Rudolf,it’s just so awesome!! Lil’ Wayne and Kevin Rudolf are so awesome!!! Lil’ Wayne’s verses are not weak or overused they are perfect!!!! I bet you can’t think of any of these verses!!

  2. You must be kidding me. Lil Wayne is awesome? This song is the best? Ok, Weezys amazing. Sometimes, he should just stop rapping for the hell of it. This song is very generic, even for a single. Its catchy, but thats all I can think of. The verses are weak. Weezy can spit better verses than this.