Kanye West – Love Lockdown

Kanye West – Love Lockdown

Love Lockdown” is the first single from Hip hop artist Kanye West‘s forthcoming album 808’s & Heartbreak. It was written by West in less than ten days before being world premiered live by West as the “explosive” finale of the 2008 MTV VMAs on Sunday, September 7, 2008.

West has cited the track as his “favorite to date”, saying “go where your heart takes you.” The song marks a drastic change for West, standing as his first solo single to feature no rapping, instead sung using the vocal effect of Auto-Tune.

Lyrics for Kanye West – Love Lockdown

Watch Kanye West – Love Lockdown at 2008 MTV VMAs

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4 responses to “Kanye West – Love Lockdown”

  1. Dissapointing for Kanye standards. Come on man, your best yet? Talk about College Dropout and Late Registration and we’ll see whats the best yet. Come on, the auto-tune is overused these days, and Kanye doesn’t give it much justice. His lyrics are decent, and i think barred down thanks to the annoying auto-tune. Singing it was pretty inventive for him, much different. The beat is ok, not the best, but a little weird with the animal noises you hear in the end. If 808’s & Heartbreak is going to be like this, then I’m a little afraid to buy the album.

  2. yea, this is disappointing for me.

    what’s happened to kanye? this single really upsets me.

    where’s his good stuff at? lets go back to college dropout, late registration, luis vuitton don, etc….

    hope he doesnt lose it like lupe…

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