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Lady Gaga – Alejandro Music Video

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Alejandro” is a song by American recording artist Lady Gaga. It is the third single from her second studio album, The Fame Monster.

In January 2010, it was reported that Gaga was holding casting calls for the music video of “Alejandro” and was eager for David Walliams to appear in the video alongside his wife Lara Stone. On March 23, 2010, Women’s Wear Daily reported that photographer Steven Klein will be directing the music video, which Gaga confirmed herself in an interview.

Co-written and produced by RedOne, it is composed as a mid-tempo Europop song with an uplifting melody, where Gaga sings in a non-English accent about bidding farewell to her lovers.

Listen/Download: Lady Gaga – Alejandro

  • Lady GaGa - The Fame Monster (Deluxe Version) - Alejandro


  1. Sorry but this video is too weird… to many disturbing looking men doing weird things… I understand that she’s eccentric but this video is really just random and I’m still wondering why she’s opening and closing the glasses she was wearing in the beginning repeatedly for no reason. She’s so eccentric in some parts but so old-fashioned in the other, bad combination. She didn’t even dance much, just disturbing scenes of weird men doing weird fitness exercises….damn I was expecting so much since the song was so good, I like that fanmade video I saw on Youtube WAY better….

    • get out of the 1920s….live in the millienium ……… she is incredible….she danced so amazing n performance was so great….and so talented its a shame when people put her down and just becuz shes herself and not u…..i love u lady gaga u rock n rule our world…..<333 keep up the unique …. amazing work…

      • what da heck is ur prob ´sinead and terri´?
        u dnt even knw ur english dork! lady gaga´s insane & super wierd, how is she an artist? she´s a fake-no originality—–she´s a nut & fame made it even worse, nyaha ^^

        • Look, spongebob. shut up! lady gaga is awesome! she has changed many lives by her wonderful music, and if you dont like her than go sit in a hole and cry? got it? So quite making ppl feal bad cause you dont have a life. get a job kiss a guy, do something that being a butt hole, got it? ok[:

  2. ok! i just can believe how this girl can make a video uisong catholic stuff, she graduate froma catholic school.! this is all blasfemy.! i cant believe how this woman use a religion stuff to make entraintainment!

    • its a new centry…. not old days…. look at madonna and the other perfomers been doin this stuff before her …..if u dnt like it dnt say anything…..pope aint so great anyways look at cathlolic religon now….. all the poor children…and im a catholic so is my mom….and i still love her…. she just doin this for her fans and she loves it…. let her be her…if u dnt like it dont watch it…. love u lady gaga…

      • ur insane dude, you need to take bioflu and loose ur gaga sickness or worse u need to be exorcised from gagaś crappy/creepy influence over u man! catholic has nothing to do with poor people, u need to straighten ur eyes, the world is shit, that´s how it is, loving gaga won´t save u or anyone else lives–dorkman

      • ur insane dude, you need to take bioflu & loose ur gaga sickness or worse u nid 2 be exorcised frm gagaś crappy/creepy influence over u man! catholic has nothing to do wit poor people, u nid to straighten ur eyes, loving gaga won´t save u or anyone else lives–dorkman

      • u need to get ur eyes straight again, u queer?
        that´s not art-that´s a freakin occult, i say change ur religion, her religion, worship crappy demons & live in hell foe life´s eternity—dorkman

  3. okay you are all idiots except for who ever loves ladt gaga
    shes different thats why shes famous
    she is original
    i love her and the guys in the clip were hot so shut upp!

  4. Reply to this comment if you think that spongebob needs to stop replying to other peoples comments. You might not know it, Spongebob, but you’re really startinng to annoy me with all this crap about lady gaga. if you don’t like her than why are you even commenting on her vidoes? HYPOCRITE. thanks- amanda

    • AMANDA, yo no t e conozco pero no se porque los videos de lady gaga no te qustan por que esos videos estan FABULOSOS a mi me encantan por lo menos por que no se como ella lo hace… Para hacer unos videos tan EXTRAORDINARIOS se necesita mucho y mira que divertidos que son los sonidos que les pone… Los que mes me gustan son: BAD ROMANCE, ALEJANDRO Y POKER FACE: esos tres me encantan los otros no por que nunca los he escuchadoo… pero estos me encantannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

      I LOVE YOU LADY GAGA…………¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”·$%&/=()?¿!”·$%&/()=?¿¿?=)(/&%&%$·”!!”·$%&/()=?¿¿?=)(/&%$·”!”!

  5. this video is the best of LADY GAGA.

    You might know it, Awesome, but you’re really sarttin to annoy me with all this crap about lady gaga. If you don’t like her than why are you even commenting on her videos??????????????????? STUPID. thanks-GENESIS


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