So, you’ve all heard it. This 19 year old from Queens, NY blew up on the mainstream radio when his single with Akon took over the charts. Colby O’Donis’ hit single “What You Got” had you singing it for hours on end. The single peaked at #14 on the U.S. Hot 100. Surely, Colby O’Donis is here to stay with his excellent debut album Colby O.

The CD kicks off with Colby’s obvious hit track/chart-topper “What You Got” features Akon and is a great way to start off the CD.

What fails to impress is the next few sets of songs. This features the songs, “Sophisticated Bad Girl“, “She Wanna Go” featuring Paul Wall, and “Let You Go“, which are all medicore at best. Sophisticated Bad Girl has potential to be a nice track but it seems to lack the punch to make it great. The Colby O’Donis produced tracks “Let You Go”, and “Game For You” structures both differ. “Let You Go” being the upbeat track, but lacking any deliverance. And, “Game For You” being a bit bland and stuff you’ve already seem to have heard before.

Don’t Turn Back“, and second single, has a chilled back relaxing soulful track – which that classic Konvict hook you sing for days. Written by Colby O’Donis, this song is an ode to women who cannot forget about past relationships. In addition, the song showcases Colby’s flamenco style guitar playing abilities. “Under My Nose” is also a track which you can jam out to all day long!

Where Colby steps his game up is at “Take You Away” featuring Lil Romeo (now AKA Romeo). In particular, Colby has picked up a name-call hook [Much like Akon’s previous hit ‘Just Dance’ – ‘Konvict – Gaga!’] “Colby O.. O…” which I’m sure he’ll be picking for future song releases. “Natural High” features the hit-maker T-Pain, and is obviously is one of the best tracks on the CD. The Rock City produced, “Follow You“, is easily one of the best songs on the album. [Rock City has produced Sean Kingston’s hit single ‘Take You There’.] “Natural High” & “Follow You” are upbeat tracks that both ooze Pop and R&B goodness – almost as good as Chris Brown.

Thinking About You” is a R&B slow jam, think Usher-esque. “Tell Me This” and “The Difference” are both nicely done slow jams to finish off the CD with the upbeat, and personal favorite, “Hustle Man“.

This is definitely something to check out if you’re a fan of the first single, “What You Got”, or if you’re into great R&B/Pop music! Colby O’s debut album is something you might expect from a 2nd or 3rd album, but not a debut. Don’t forget to pick up your copy of the album Colby O, out September 16th!