Pyromania is a single by Cascada from an upcoming new album release or a possible special edition re-release of Evacuate the Dancefloor.

It possibly means a new studio album is on the way this year – but until then enjoy this hot dance track from Cascada you know and love – Pyromania.. Pyromania oww.. Pyromania.. oww.. oww.. oww..

Listen/Download: Cascada – Pyromania

The music video shows Natalie in different scenes in which she is by herself and with backup dancers. One scene shows her singing in front of futuristic space balls, and another scene shows her dancing while a explosion takes up one half of the screen.

Lyrics for Cascada – Pyromania

Pyro-Pyro-Mania-a-a The Mania
Pyro-Pyro-Mania-a-a The Mania

Call me obsess, call me insane
Something is creeping through my veins
Eyes can not see
Whats underneath

I can’t stop and you can’t stop me
I’m gonna get this fire started,
Impossible for you to breathe
The temperature is rising up (up)
So Hot! Cause I’m burning up

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