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Cascada – San Francisco Music Video

San Francisco” is the first official music video and single, and third overall from German Eurodance act Cascada‘s upcoming fourth studio album, Original Me.

The original track and music video premiered on All Around The World’s YouTube channel in early May 2011.

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Lyrics for Cascada – San Francisco

[Verse 1]
I’ll take you back to night in 1969
Let’s hit the city of freedom, like old times
It’s getting dirty – Underneath the blue sky
Imagine you and me countin’ the butterflies

One, two, three
Let’s bring it on
Keep on dancing in the streets of love
French kissing on JFK drive
Till we crash at the beach
Where we watch the sun rise

Tell me what you waiting for..

We’re crossing the golden gate
Party at the frisco bay

Wake me up in San Francisco

Where you got flowers in your hair, girl
Party everywhere, girl

Wake me up in San Francisco

Where the love is in the air
All the people stop and stare

Baby take me back to the city of love
To the place that I’ve been dreaming of

San Francisco…

Wake me up in San Francisco

[Verse 2]
It’s 10 pm
Getting ready for the night
Wanna be a hippie when the city’s getting high
I’m cruising down broadway, you on my side
Pulling over my pink rover at the hungry eye

One, two, three
Let’s bring it on
Dj play my favorite beats
All night long
Poppin’ some bottles, champagne, red wine
And we both giddy up on the rooftop
And watch the city lights

Tell me what you waiting for..

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