T.I. feat. Rocko – I Can’t Help It Music Video

T.I. feat. Rocko – I Can’t Help It Music Video

I Can’t Help It” is a promotional single from American Rapper T.I.‘s seventh studio album, No Mercy.

The music video premiered in mid-late November 2010.

It features rapper Rocko and the Banger of a Track is produced by Smash Factory.

Lyrics for T.I. feat. Rocko – I Can’t Help It

Yeah, nahh, ok, what? Hey, what? Ay, yep..

Hey you know me bitch n-gger I’m all of that
Hit your bruh with the kush and then call them back
National cat – let it big dog attack…
Thought it was all for me homie did you fall for that?
You turn paper red no cardiac… get your hand out of my pocket … what’s with all of that?
Tell the sheriff if he can get me fucking chargers back
No yell time I gotta thank god for that
Regardless, big bang can’t throw it up
And another nigger flow who’s as cold as bruh
Quarter mil for the show, really know what’s up
..Louie duffle bag… say load it off
Give it to the hotel, better know what’s up
With the n-ggers out there get the hold it off
We never had a problem getting hold to fuck
Suck d-ck lick spit – finna show is up
I let this nut get all over her
Never thick b-tch kissing all over her
Once the p-ssy wide open you can’t close it up
Nigga bounce that sh-t, when you bounce that d-ck
She was layed on the ground panties down six chicks
With a trag fulla money tryna count that shit
Never will find me around me around that b-tch
With that god damn whip wrapped around that d-ck
Shit other n-ggers wanna make love f-ck that
I’ve been made , I be down like that
Sick money like E-40 and them..
Fill up every hoe, soughtry him
This K.I.E.G. aka. Big bang aka Shawty pimp..

ay, Aka Shawty Pimp, Big Bang aka Shawty Pimp..

[ Rocko & T.I.: Chorus ]

I get money, I can’t help it, you can’t stop it, gotta assert it
You can’t knock it, you gotta respect it,
This is who I am n-gger, I can’t help it

I can’t help it

In the ghetto with the drop rolls royce
they say keep one  hundred… I ain’t got no choice
I can’t help it, always big bank
I’m so trill and you ain’t – Cut it down (bitch I can’t)
I can’t help it… (ay)
See how I do it I’m so hood, gutta all gone hollywood
Bitch I would if I could, I can’t help it (ay)
The city won’t be sh-t without you
15 million dollar houses still can’t get that trap up out me

I can’t help it..

[ Rocko ]

I’m a hustle all the way down to the bone
Terrorist everyday, mama with their bone
Stay on the day from the nights til the morn
Ain’t gonna say nothin, not under a song
F-ck a favorite, don’t ask for no loan
Stop what’cha doin if you’re tryna get on
Cover my spot let me cover my phone
Give you a shock, give me your loan
Grinding for days I haven’t been home…

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