Album Review “Last 2 Walk” – Three 6 Mafia

Album Review “Last 2 Walk” – Three 6 Mafia

These tracks off Three 6 Mafia‘s (T6M) new album might last a little too long for their own good. They also might be a little too boring for the length of tracks.

Besides that, Three 6 Mafia is down to only two members and need to rely on mostly featured artists’ to make a decent track. Last 2 Walk is T6M’s 9th studio album and most fan reviews have been mediocre to bad for this album. I, however disagree with most of the reviews and really enjoy most of this CD.

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I’ve given this CD plays in my car for the past month or so, and I must say. I didn’t like it the first week or two but now I can’t stop banging it! This CD is for SUBS ONLY. I cannot stress this enough, the tracks are pretty mediocre at best, with pretty repetitive chorus’. Without a decent sub woofer the tracks will seem pretty standard and boring.

I don’t know if this was put into consideration while creating the CD that most people don’t have big subs.. but I really feel this is a big selling point of this CD.

Like I mentioned previously this CD is mostly about the features because Three 6 Mafia is down to only two members, and I think they’re losing their southern appeal without some help from Project Pat in particular. While on the topic of features some of the tracks which are notably great, and stand out on the CD are: Trap Boom (feat. Project Pat), I Got (feat. Pimp C & Project Pat), I’d Rather (feat. UNK), That’s Right (feat. Akon), On Some Chrome (feat. UGK). These of course, only feature one or two artists – which most happen to be producers (Project Pat, Oomp Camp/UNK and Akon).

These tracks are more about the productions (or the lack of production) and the Bass. This whole CD IS bass, and that’s about it.

Besides the tracks I mentioned above, the CD is generally about the same. The verses for all the tracks aren’t too strong, and you won’t be repeating them yourself because they aren’t generally too good. The chorus’ aren’t there besides chanting the song title over and over.

You also can’t forget the two tracks with almost too many artists: First 48 (feat. Project Pat, Spanish Fly, Al Kapone, 8Ball & MJG), and Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body) (feat. Project Pat, Young D, Superpower).

Their solo tracks are pretty bad with the exception of I Told ‘Em, which happens to be their opening track after a pointless Intro.

The album also features artists such as Lyfe Jennings, Lil Wyte and Good Charlotte. But the tracks failed to make much of an impression to me.

This overall CD is pretty much skip-this-track to listen to because the CD is filled with fillers, however it’s more like QUANTITY vs QUALITY. T6M advertises some more merchandise throughout the CD and with an outstanding 22 tracks I’m sure you’ll find a track or two that you like.

Don’t forget, Last 2 Walk is out in stores now! Pick up your copy today!

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  1. e. Last 2 Walk is fuckin' awesome and it's a new sound experiment for Three 6 Mafia. These dudes have always been introducing new flavors to their sound which has always been hard for a lot of fans to deal with……
    Paul and Juice have made so much good music in their life that it's incomprehensible. There just busy finding a new sound, and while other fans might want to leave or abandon Paul and Juice, this one will continue supporting and buying anything these guys make, and will always be thankful for their musical genius that they brought to this earth.
    Three 6 mafia for life
    World domination, Da Unbreakables, Most Known Unknown, When the Smoke Clears, you can't top it.
    shoutout also to Crunchy Black, Project Pat, Lord Infamous, Koopsta Knicca, Gansta Boo

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