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Lil’ Wayne feat. Drake – Grindin

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Grindin” is a Banger of a Track and promotional single from American rapper Lil’ Wayne. It also features Young Money Canadian recording artist, rapper, songwriter, and actor Drake.

The Banger of a Track was Produced By: Boi-1da & Vinylz.

It is uncertain where this track will make it’s debut. Whether or not it will make Lil’ Wayne’s upcoming highly anticipated studio album, Tha Carter V – or placed on another work of Drake’s albums or a Young Money compilation.Either way, this is one HOT track where the bass is deep and low, and the auto-tune goes somewhere it hasn’t gone before.

Does anybody else think that particularly in this song and verses, Lil’ Wayne is sounding a little bit like his partner in crime (no not Birdman), but – Young Thug in this track, and Drake too??


Lyrics for Lil’ Wayne feat. Drake – Grindin

Grindin’, grindin’
Grindin’, grindin’
Grindin’, grindin’
Grindin’, grindin’

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
I’m grindin’, I’m grindin’, I’m grindin’ I promise
I fuck her until I get tired, retire and then come out retirement
My girl like it rough she said “find me a diamond”
Her body be grindin’,
Lord we be on every kind of narcotic
That make us believe, when we lyin’, we honest, I love you
Pick, Michael Jackson to Jordan to Tyson to Myers
Too much dirty money when the colors
Are washing the whites in the dryer my nigga
It ain’t rocket science just rockets
I sleep in pussy not pajamas, grindin’
I got this shit down to a science, I turn in my project, A minus
Whew, I ain’t crazy, I’m krazy and all of my niggas chaotic
Dressed in all black like they gothic
Music too loud to hear sirens, we pop, pop, pop up where you stay
Knock, knock, knock, anyone home?
Pop, pop, pop, pop then we outtie
I need a bitch like Naomi to take off her clothes like Leilani for niggas that’s grindin’

[Hook: Lil Wayne]
Nigga I’m grindin’ for all my shit
Grindin’ for all my shit
Yeah, I’m grindin’ for all my shit
I put time into all this shit
I’m grindin’ for all my shit
I’m grindin’ for all my shit
Perfect timing with all my shit
I’m grindin’ for all my shit

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
The feds be spying on all of us nigga
These hoes be lying to all of us nigga
I got news for the monogamous niggas
Yo’ bitch fucking anonymous niggas
I done seen it all my nigga
Cause these hoes seeing all of my niggas
Cause what’s the hottest shit on these corners?
That’s me and all my niggas
Grind for all this shit, I ain’t ever fall for that bitch
Cause picking up the feather from a lovebird
Is like a medicine ball to that bitch
We’ll bring Gucci bag in this bitch
And you know what’s stashed in that bitch
These niggas walk around with they chests out
Like Janet Jackson and shit
I’m sweatin’ grindin’ this bitch, I need a shrine in this bitch
Fuck double O seven, I work twenty-four seven
Ain’t got time to bond with no bitch
Heard Jay-Z got a new Cognac, where to find that shit?
The weed sticky, grind that shit
Where I got it from? Nevermind that shit


[Verse 3: Drake]
I got a new vision for all my shit
I don’t know what to call that shit
I know, I’m selling all of my cars
I’m selling all of my watches
I’m selling diamonds and all of that shit
Realized I don’t need that shit
I’m a different breed with this shit
I’m tryna turn M’s to B’s in this bitch
And I ain’t ever pay to be with no bitch
I, I, I want that Brigitte Bardot hanging over my bed
Fifty mill in one room, you, you could ask anyone out here
Who running the game? And they’ll tell you the truth
Man, they’ll tell you
Oh look, they fuck with me now
I think they’re hearin’ me now
Someone said “Nigga they takin’ you seriously now”
I’m like “I think they just might be scared of me now”
But it’s all good, niggas wrong every day, niggas wrong every day
Go, goin’ to LA where I’m tryna get high and do a song every day
Safe, we ain’t ever have to play it safe
I would rather stack it up and put it in a safe
Then peek inside the safe and see I’m runnin’ out of space
Mothafucka that’s grindin’


[Bridge: Lil Wayne]
(Grindin’, grindin’) Perfect timing
(Grindin’, grindin’)
(grindin’, grindin’)
I would rather stack it up and put it in the safe
Than peek inside the safe and say I’m running out of space
Believe that

[Verse 4: Lil Wayne]
Scoob, find another oo-wop
Tell them niggas cool out
Cause it can be a mohafucking shoot-out
Kidnap a nigga, beat the truth out
Moms pick the suit out
Top floor, window he get threw out
Deuce out, pussy bitches, deuce out
Flying out the crew out, they flew out
Invite ’em to my new house, my new house
I’m fucking every night up in my new house
Cause bitch I worked too hard for this new house, grindin’
I’m fucking every night up in my new house
Cause bitch I worked too hard for this new house, I’m grindin’
I’m fucking every night up in my new house
Cause bitch I worked too hard for this new house, I’m grindin’

Twap, twap!
Twap, twap!
In the new house, we got the twap


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