Britney Spears – Blackout (Demo)

1. Break The Ice
2. Got Me High
3. Tell Me What You’re Sippin’ On (feat. AC)
4. Everybody
5. Heaven On Earth
6. Out Of This World

7. Radar
8. Get Back
9. We Can Do It (Get Naked)
10. Pull Out
11. Waterfall
12. Fillin’ Me Up
13. Kiss You All Over
14. Baby Boy
15. Mystical (State Of Grace)

16. Stupid Things
17. Cold As Fire
18. Let Go

Download: Britney Spears – Blackout (Demo)Mirror 2
Purchase: – iTunes

The most anticipated album of this year is finally, almost, here. Here’s an EXCELLENT Demo CD of her upcoming CD titled the same “Blackout” unless it once again changes. Some tracks are still yet to be finished and some will never see the light of day besides this Demo Mixtape but it’s here for all of you to enjoy. Not to mention don’t forget to support Britney and make this album a hit! I’m opting out to posting any solo songs for right now because they’re all unfinished at this point and I’ll be taking down the link to the album once it gets a reasonable amount of downloads.

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