VIDEO: Dolla – “Make a Toast”


Make a Toast” is the third single from rapper Dolla. It is taken from his upcoming debut album A Dolla and A Dream. The original version featured Lil’ Wayne, so it’s a bit of a let down that he wasn’t featured – as the track isn’t the same.

Listen/Download: Dolla feat. Lil’ Wayne – Make a Toast


  1. It's a shame thet Dolla was shot and killed a couple of weeks ago. he was a great rapper. His song who the F*** is that was my Fav. If u aint know by now its time for a change especially when it comes to violence.

  2. Dolla was not as popular but those who knew him from their T.V screans know that he was the best.

    His death was a big loss to me as his fan and i think nothing was better than him.

    The man who pulled the treggar
    at dolla should be set on fire alve because that thing does not deserve to live.


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