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“Get Used To Me” SleazyWorld Go

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Get Used To Me Lyrics
Song by SleazyWorld Go


Young nxgga from the block where the shooters was
In the streets, fxck rappin’, I was tryna find a plug
I remember all them days when the block was jumpin’
Bro told me, “Don’t fall asleep, the trap house pumpin'”
Cell phones ringin’, bad bxtch clingin’ on me
Lost a few fuck nxggas that ‘posed to been my homies
Thick bxtch lookin’ like Meg but her name ain’t Stallion
Sleazy chain around my neck, about a hunnid thousand
I came from shxt, I came from the bottom
Catch a opp’ on that block and we spot ’em, we got ’em
What you gon’ do when shxt get deep and it get a lil’ rougher?
Ex bxtch writing my main, tellin’ her I fxcked her
Praying for better days, I was stuck up in my ways
Catching fades, now I’m doing shows across the fxckin’ state
I told God, “Show me who real”, he showed me who was fake
This choppa don’t rap but this bxtch a Drac’

Crazy they hate you when you grow, love when you broke
Lost love for nxggas I grew up with, sleepin’ on the floor
They ain’t believe when I was struggling ’til I made it out (H4rry)
Remember they thought I wouldn’t be shxt, I’m the one famous now

Perc’ active, fully clappin’, macaroni smackin’
Pussy wet as fxck, her shit need a napkin
I don’t just want no bad bitch, I want Ari Lennox
I just spent 30K at the fxckin’ dentist
I’m a menace to society, I feel like Caine
Come around me tryna stunt and I need everything
Opp’ nxggas hating, bxtch nxggas waitin’ for me to fail
Police ass-nxggas on the ‘net tryna send me back to jail

I miss the way shxt used to be
I’ma be here for a lil’ while, so get used to me (Get used to me)
I’ma be here for a lil’ while, so get used to me (Get used to me)

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