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Singles & Albums in Stores April 12th 2011

New albums in stores from Jessie J – Who You are, Mya – K.I.S.S., and Mack & Malone – Money Music. New singles from Kelly Rowland feat. Lil’ Wayne – Motivation, Rihanna feat. Britney Spears – S&M (Remix), NKOTBSB – Don’t Turn Out The Lights, Wolfgang Garner feat. – Forever, New Boyz – Crush On You and many others.

Jessie J who has blown up around the world in the musical way of “Price Tag” featuring B.o.B and soon to be the international “bigger than bigger” pop singer and the next it girl to be.

Also, Mya’s gone the way of releasing, not to target her only real audience (U.S.) but to release an album via the way Sean Garrett and others have done in the past: Japan! Yes – that must sell! And if that’s not bad enough, to ensure it will definitely flop. You can even get your dose of (extra) radiation straight out of the area’s only release. Congratulations labels, let’s be sure this album doesn’t bring a great American studio album forth!

If you enjoy any of these albums or singles be sure to purchase them to support the albums/artists and labels (unfortunately), because they keep bringing us hit after hit. Appreciate it, accept it – pay for it.

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NKOTBSB – Don’t Turn Out The Lights

NKOTBSB - Don't Turn Out The Lights - (New Kids on the Block & Backstreet Boys)

Don’t Turn Out The Lights” is the first promotional single from the NKOTBSB, also known as the New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys‘ upcoming tour and possibly also included on upcoming studio albums.

You read that right, NKOTBSB are going on tour this Summer 2011 to perform this single and other songs from their past (obviously.) It will be interesting to see how much of a buzz these guys get together, and how big the tour pulls. Make sure to check this out and check out their upcoming tour for lots of oldies nostalgia!