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Kanye West, Dwele – Flashing Lights” video

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Flashing Lights” is the fourth single from rapper Kanye West‘s album Graduation only released in the US and soon Australia. “Homecoming” will serve as the fourth single in the UK.

The video, co-directed by Spike Jonze along with West himself, starts out with a car stopping in the desert at dusk, with the red tail lights and yellow headlights of the car creating “flashing lights” on the ground. A girl gets out of the car, walks a distance away from it, and proceeds to strip down to her lingerie and then burn her clothes.

She then walks back to her car, and opens her trunk. Kanye is seen there tied up, with tape over his mouth. The girl somewhat flirts with Kanye stroking and kissing him, before taking out a shovel that is in the trunk, as a terrified Kanye helplessly watches. The camera then zooms out and we see the girl bludgeon Kanye (presumably to death) with the shovel.

The title of the song, “Flashing Lights” is then shown in pink letters against a black screen as the video ends, ending over a minute before the album version of the song ends. This has led to speculation that this is either a trailer for the full video, Part 1 in a series of videos, or this is the video in its entirety.

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