Run The World (Girls)” is the lead first single and music video from American R&B singer Beyonce‘s upcoming fourth studio album titled, 4.

The track was produced by DiploSwitch.

The music video was directed by was directed by Francis Lawrence, who previously directed two music videos for Destiny’s Child: “Independent Women” (2000) and “Emotion” (2001). It premiered on May 18th, at 10PM on Beyonce’s official YouTube VEVO channel.

Listen to: Beyonce – Run The World (Girls)

  • Run the World (Girls) - Single - Beyoncé

Lyrics for Beyonce – Run The World (Girls)

Girls, we run this motha (yeah!) x4

Who run the world? Girls! x4
We run this motha? Girls! x4
Who run the world? Girls! x4

[Beyonce – Verse 1:]

Some of them men think they freak this like we do
But no they don’t
Make your cheques come at they neck,
Disrespect us no they won’t

Boy don’t even try to touch us
Boy this beat is crazy
This is how they made me
Used to take this baby
This goes out to all my girls
That’s in the club rocking the latest
Who will buy it for themselves and get more money later

I think I need a barber
None of these hoes can fade me
Im so good with this,
I remind you im so hood with this

Boy I’m just playing, come here baby
Hope you still like me, If you hate me
My persuasion can build a nation
In this our, our love we can devour
You’ll do anything for me


Who run the world? Girls! x4
We run this motha? Girls! x4..

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  1. Everybody go to Youtube. Theres a remix of this single produced by this guy name Fyuchur. Its Hot!!! Even her fans love it

  2. l love this song .ln the real world girls run the world.girls you no that ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


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