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Album Review: “Da REAList” – Plies

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“Da REAList” Available on iTunes now!

Don’t like Plies? You’re in the majority – and you’re with me. However, his latest work Da REAList, his third studio album – has me thinking different! From nice bangers of tracks, Plies keeps his style and from productions by J.R. Rotem, Drumma Boy and Mannie Fresh. Also with features by Sean Garrett and Ashanti you know it’s gonna be some hot tracks! This time Plies takes on most of his album by himself, and unlike most of the game these-days he holds his ground.

The first five tracks easily keep you interested in Plies for this album. The better of the opening tracks include: “Me and My Goons”, “Fuck U Gon’ Do Bout It” and “Gotta Be”.

The production by BC for “Me and My Goons” is simple upbeat track with bass like most of his tracks. The track could be compared to something like “My Dougie”.

Plies – I Chase Paper

The Drumma Boy produced “I Chase Paper” is easily the catchiest on the album. The track is one you can easily vibe to, and who doesn’t chase paper? “Fuck U Gon’ Do Bout It”, also produced by Drumma Boy is a track destined for the radio, as it’s a track that makes you want to rock back and forth. Plies keeps his hood talk, but this time he takes it a notch up.

Plies – Fuck U Gon’ Do Bout It

The J.R. Rotem produced track “Want It, Need It” features Ashanti, it’s a slower R&B jam.. just something typical you would expect from an Ashanti track, with Plies (of course, it’s his album).

Not that Plies hasn’t talked about the hardship or his money, “Plenty Money” is a track for the streets, just to know that he has “Plenty Money”. It’s an alright banger – besides the repetitive chorus..

Plies feat. Chris J – Put It on Ya

Put It on Ya” is a song performed by American hip hop artist; Plies. The song features R&B artist Chris J, and is produced by No I.D.. It is the first single from Plies’ third studio album Da REAList. It’s an average track, but Plies can (and has) done better.

Plies – Family Straight

Spend The Night” is an upbeat radio friendly track, much like a track on his previous album “#1 Fan”. Along with “Street Lights” features Sean Garrett, are both above average tracks from Plies.

Plies – Make a Movie

Make A Movie” is an upbeat Mannie Fresh produced track, and possibly one of the better bangers on the album. Nothing new, it’s the same old Plies.. but it’s a HOT production, and Plies delivers great. “Pants Hang Low” is another Mannie Fresh produced track, which was presumed to be first single, but a great banger and typical Mannie Fresh (for both tracks) that you wanna repeat over and over.

Out of all the tracks, “All Black” stands out the most. From the production, to the lines Plies delivers – this time he’s serious. “You know I mean business, when I’m in all black.”

If you’ve given up all hope for Plies, this time I’d suggest you’d give him one more try. His tracks keep you interested, and unlike his previous 2 albums – he can hold down on his own with an interesting flow and nice beats. Besides some nice ear candy, I’m throughally happy with what he’s brought to the table with his new album. Plies new album Da REAList won’t disapoint the average listener, and definitely won’t disappoint a fan.

THE HYPE FACTOR Evaluation: 4 out of 5

Plies third studio album, “Da Realist” in stores and iTunes now!


  1. plies is a lil nasty nigga but i likes that he always talking about wat he gone eat baby i got sum for that ass to eat all u gotta do is call and i be there wen u need me lol im a freaky lil girl and on god plies is sexi as fuck pn my mama he just omg i would fuck his ass for all u ladies that met plies in person yall dumb because i wouldve said plies can we go fuck

  2. Plies is one of the most real niggas in the rap game right now. His shit might not sound like everyone is use too but if you are a true rap fan and listen to the lyrics and how his cadince carrys on his beats then you’ll respect him. Haters don’t know shit, just like to hate. GET EDUCATED! A true rap fan would like him. YO GOTTI still the best though

  3. plies is the realest nigga in the hip hop game and i love he’s music. he is a very educated young man most people say piles is fake but the truth be told he is real to his fans. hater’s need to fall back cuz plies doing his thing. I have plies all over my myspace and im his realest fan. yeah he is sexy

  4. I was sleeping on Plies too, I actually went out and bought the album and can’t stop listening to it. I only purchase Jay Z albums, but I went a bought the real thing and have to admit I am super impressed. I can’t stand stupid people and I have to admit Plies is a very intelligent rapper. His style is just different from what we are used to. I can’t stand all the bling cause it aint my style, but in a weird way he makes it work. If you like good music go get the album…. you’ll be sure to LOVE it… as I do!

  5. Good feedback about the album & Im glad you enjoyed ” F**k You Gon Do Bout It ” . However one mistake is , the track ” F**k You Gon’ Do Bout It ” was NOT produced by drumma boy . It was produced by a new upcoming producer ” trae conor ” for EarMarc Entertainment Group = Formally Alumni Music Group , Located in Orlando , FL .

  6. plies iz wassup yall gotta problem let it be cuz aint no hands throwin so its lyk w/e home boii plies iz real nt lyk yo damn j's


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