VIDEO: BoA – “Eat You Up”


So, everyone already knows the Korean release (or supposedly Korean release) of Eat You Up is the better of the two videos. Has anyone considered the possibility since Flo Rida was confirmed to be on the remix that they might use the Korean release for another “We Break The Dawn” (Remix)?

But you know, use another video (the Korean one to re-release the single as a U.S. remix) instead of just remixing the video? Maybe including Flo Rida in the video also, would be a nice touch. He seemed to have been missing in Michelle William‘s video.

Listen/Download: BoA – Eat You Up


  1. Can u guys get me the Jap version Music Video of the English Song-Eat you up , the jap music video is a lot better then this one cause its her Turnin up the volume on the radio then she starts dancing then shes on the street….. if u could THX A LOT and also i would LIKE TO REMIND EVERY1 in this community HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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