Her sophomore album Ms Kelly is soon to be re-released (a sign that it didn’t sell so well the first time around), and the new single, Work– which was due for release last year– was delayed, then remixed and is finally getting released next week. Surely a former member of such a super-group shouldn’t struggle to sell units?

“As solo artists, we are three different people,” Kelly insists. “People can’t expect us all to take the same route as solo artists or enjoy the same kind of success. Victoria [Beckham] has a different route to Mel B, Mel B has a different route to Geri, and so on. We all have different paths, coz we’re all different people. I’m more of an intimate person anyway; I like playing smaller and more intimate venues. People can’t expect me to be Beyoncé or Beyoncé to be me or me to be Michelle or whatever! Just allow us to be ourselves!”

And of Beyoncé, what does Kelly make of those who doubt the pair’s friendship? Just last year, a story popped up claiming that Beyoncé ‘stole’ the June front cover of Vibe magazine, which Kelly was scheduled to appear on. And in a spoof video of DC’s song Emotions that appeared on You Tube last year, the actresses playing Michelle and Kelly were made to look insignificant, while the Beyoncé actress sang, “who’d look at the other two, when you’ve got Beyoncé?” Can we believe that Kelly and B are really true friends?

“People see how positive we are as women and as friends, and instead of them learning from that, they wanna hate on it. I have no time for that kind of negative thinking. People should be happy to see women getting along and working together, without being insecure about each other. It doesn’t have to be drama, but people always wanna create drama! I don’t even let that bother me. Coz people will continue to talk and we’ll just continue selling records.”

Is Kelly interested in achieving Beyoncé’s level of mega-stardom?

“I wouldn’t shun it, but I’m not gonna force it or allow people to push me in that direction. If it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen.” Source.