Diddy-Dirty Money – Coming Home Music Video

Diddy-Dirty Money – Coming Home Music Video

Coming Home” is the fifth music video and single from American music group Dirty Money – containing members DiddyDawn Richard and singer/songwriter Kalenna Harper’s upcoming studio album, Last Train to Paris.

The music video premiered in late November 2010.

The track is produced by Alex Da Kid and features Skylar Grey. Skylar Grey is not featured in the video, however her verses are still used.

Kalenna told Rap-Up.com how the triumphant track came into the group’s hands. “One day Puff walked in and he was like, ‘I got something for you guys. I got a gift that’s crazy. Oh my God.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, right,’” she said. “And he put it on and he was just like, ‘You think we can get it done tonight?’ It was a gift. It was like unwrapping a gift that was dropped in our lap.”

Lyrics for Diddy-Dirty Money feat. Skylar Grey – Coming Home

[Dirty Money – Chorus]
I’m coming home
I’m coming home
tell the World I’m coming home
Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday
I know my kingdom awaits and they’ve forgiven my mistakes
I’m coming home, I’m coming home
tell the World that I’m coming

Back where I belong, yeah I never felt so strong
(I’m back baby)
I feel like there’s nothing that I can’t try
and if you with me put your hands high
(put your hands high)
If you ever lost a light before, this ones for you
and you, the dreams are for you

I hear “The Tears of a Clown
I hate that song
I feel like they talking to me when it comes on
another day another Dawn
another Keisha, nice to meet ya, get the math I’m gone
what am I ‘posed to do when the club lights come on
its easy to be Puff, its harder to be Sean
what if the twins ask why I aint marry their mom (why, damn!)
how do I respond?
what if my son stares with a face like my own
and says he wants to be like me when he’s grown
sh-t! But I aint finished growing
another night the inevitible prolongs
another day another Dawn
just tell Taneka and Taresha I’ll be better in the morn’
another lie that I carry on
I need to get back to the place I belong

[Dirty Money – Chorus]

[Diddy – Verse 2]
A house is Not a Home“, I hate this song
is a house really a home when your loved ones are gone
and n-ggas got the nerve to blame you for it
and you know you woulda took the bullet if you saw it
but oyu felt it and still feel it
and money can’t make up for it or conceal it..

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