Nobody” is the debut single by 12 year old singer Jawan Harris‘ upcoming debut studio album.

The music video includes a cameo by Chris Brown. Chris, who coincidentally is affiliated by label with Jawan Harris – whom is also signed to Jive records.

Listen/Download: Jawan Harris – Nobody


  1. Please retract the statement that “Chris Brown” discovered Jawan Harris…… It would be career-suicide for Chris to maintain that he discovered Jawan Harris. I’m telling you this because I love Chris as an artist and am quite sure that he has no idea of what he would be getting himself into if he folloewd that lie…. He cannot afford the bad press……

    • I agree, especially when there are people out here…like me, who know for a fact that chris brown was not even remotely important with jawan, or even around when he begin his journey in the music business. You would think after being a punk a#$ bit*& for hitting a female, he would calm down with his self titled song “bullshit, and stop the bullshit. Every place that i can find a report of chris brown saying he found/discoverd this chicago native (jawan), i will do my best to put him on blast. I took my kids to different church and community functions over the years and jawan was singing at a couple of them, and there was no chris brown, no, chris breezy! i hope the person that DID discover and prepare him gets wind of this and sue the hell out you clown!

  2. Chris Brown did not discover Jawan. Why would your company not do there research and tell the real truth on who discoverd Jawan. They deliberately removed his real managers name off of all the videos and excluded her like she was not the person that walked him in the door. You all are so bogus for telling this lie and also deceitful. Tell the real truth on how Jive records stole him from his manager

    • I believe that chris brown didn’t say he signed him,it is the simple fact of people believing what there here. And I’m so tired of people talking about the chris brown and Rihanna stuff she’s over it and so is he. They moved on with there lives and why can’t the fans i think it’s pitiful that ya’ll keep going on about it.chris brown is my nigga forever because i don’t resent people just because of a mistake he were human it’s what u would expect from anyone human “Mistakes” he’s a person just like us.And any true fan would stay with there host through the ups and downs.

  3. Man, This lil’13 year old R&B singer from Chicago, IL “Jawan Harris” is the REAL DEAL! OMG I love this kids voice, listen to his Debut single “Nobody” & the Video has an appearance by Chris Brown
    Go to Jawan’s facebook page to download a free single!!!

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