Ke$ha is a new comer in the game, but from her #1 hit single “Tik Tok“, that blew up the digital downloads and radio charts she’s back with her second single featuring 3OH!3Blah Blah Blah” that’s also already topped charts across the world. From the production of Dr. Luke, Animal is an upbeat, feel good filled Pop album with the sass and attitude that Ke$ha brings to each and every track. A little grittier than you might expect on a Britney Spears’ album, but a little more Pop than you would find on an Avril Lavigne album. No fillers here, and all high quality top notch tracks. From a debut album, you’d might not expect what you’re about to hear – but be ready to be blown away! Every song will be appreciated by Pop fans everywhere, and you’ll be listening to this album on repeat for several months and maybe several years to come!

TiK ToK (Kesha Sebert, Dr. Luke, Benny Blanco): Infectious track and first single. From the hook to every line of the song. It’s a classic and Ke$ha really knows how to throw a party song right straight to #1. If you haven’t heard TiK ToK yet then you are seriously missing out a Pop Gem from Dr. Luke & Benny Blanco. “Don’t stop make it pop, DJ blow my speakers up tonight.. – Tik Tok on the clock, but the party don’t stop…”

Take It Off (Kesha Sebert, Dr. Luke, Claude Kelly): Instant club banger, and easily one of the most outstanding tracks on the entire album. The reverse bass is what really makes this song have the pace and beat that drives it through the hook, which can be compared to TiK ToK comparing Jack with Whisky.. and a very HOT hook indeed! Make sure to have your bass banging to this track and your body will definitely be moving. One of my favorites. When the chorus hits, you know it’s Ke$ha: “There’s a place downtown where the freaks all come around, it’s a hole in the wall – it’s a dirty free for all.. when they.. turn me on.. when they.. Take it off.. everybody take it off”

Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (Kesha Sebert, Dr. Luke, Benny Blanco, Claude Kelly): Very mellow and emotional track that is followed by a more then powerful chorus. Each verse is on point and it will have you singing, even if you can’t relate. “With every move I die… I have destroyed.. our life it’s gone.. payback is sick it’s all.. my fault..” “I’m dancing with tears in my eyes.. just fighting to get through the night.. I’m losin it.. with every move I die.. I’m fading I’m broken inside.. I’ve wasted the love of my life I’m losin it.. with every move I die..”

Stephen (Kesha Sebert, David Gamson, Pebe Sebert, Oliver Leiber): Coming off a little Acapella-like in the intro, it blows you away when it kicks in the Electro-pop snare and drums and rediciously awesome lines where Ke$ha tells a real story about a guy named Stephen: “Stephen.. why won’t you call me.. I’m sitting here waiting.. why won’t you call me??” True Ke$ha swagger is what I want to call this, I love this track so much, it’s so innocent but it’s a great overall track. Not over the top, but overall a very Electro Bubbly Pop track indeed.

Hungover (Kesha Sebert, Dr. Luke, Max Martin, Jon Ingoldsby): Hellooo?? Is that Avril I hear?? – No? Just Ke$ha.. well.. Yeah this is sound what might have been an Avril song, if she was relevent that is (because Dr. Luke was executive producer), or it’s just similar styles – you pick. Eitherway, it’s very well pulled off. A very nice song that chants: “Now the party’s over.. and everybodies gone.. I’m left here with myself.. and now my heart is broken like the bottles on the floor. Doesn’t really matter or am I just hungover.. Or am I just hungover…” Very radio friendly sounding song, powerful but yet very open and free spirited. I really love this song.

Blind (Kesha Sebert, Dr. Luke, Benny Blanco, Joshua Coleman): Mid tempo track, very basic but an overall catchy hook and chorus that will have you singing it over and over. It might even be there for you over a hard time. Powerful electro Pop driven hook which tells a very distinct story: “I’m sick of tired of the mess you made me you’re never gonna catch me cry – you must be blind if you don’t see you’ll miss me till the day you die..”

Your Love Is My Drug (Kesha Sebert, Pebe Sebert, Joshua Coleman): Ohh ohh.. where do I start. How about EVERYTHING is perfect. To the very upbeat melody to the lyrics to the catchy everything about it! Guaranteed to love Ke$ha in the first fifteen seconds and an excellent opening track. “Because your love your love your love is my drug.. your love your love your love.. I said your love your love you love is my drug.. your love your love your love” Such a fun party song to party with friends or a special someone!

Kiss N Tell (Kesha Sebert, Dr. Luke, Max Martin, Shellback): Easily compariable to Hot N Cold from Katy Perry however with Ke$ha’s own swagger she takes it to the whole next level. “Whoaa.. you got a secret.. whoa you couldn’t keep it.. somebody leaked it.. and now some shits about to go down..” Then pumps the chorus: “I never thought you’d be the one.. actin like the slut when I was gone, maybe you shouldn’t…. Kiss N Tell. You really should’ve kept it in your pants.. I’m hearin dirty stories fro your friends, maybe you shouldn’t.. Kiss N Tell” Very radio friendly, wouldn’t mind hearing this every 10 minutes!

Blah Blah Blah [feat. 3OH!3] (Kesha Sebert, Benny Blanco, Neon Hitch, Sean Foreman): Second single from the album, featuring 3OH!3. Already blowing up the charts and it’s for a reason – an infectious hook “Blah Blah Blah!!” Being the only feature on the album that doesn’t mean anything. Great parts by both of them, Ke$ha rocks hard and the chorus is more than enough catchy to be radio friendly in the process. “I don’t really care where you live at, just turn around boy let me hit that, don’t be a little bitch with your chit chat – just show me where your dicks at…”

Party at a Rich Dude’s House (Kesha Sebert, Shellback, Benny Blanco): It’s about a scenario than what else, a Party at a Rich Dude’s House?! Exactly what Ke$ha portrays very well, nice uptempo rock track. “Whoaaaaaa.. there’s a party at a rich dudes house.. whoaaa There’s a party a rich dudes house. If you wanna go.. then you know.. we’re gonna fight til we do it right.. So let’s Whoaaa.. tonight”

Backstabber (Kesha Sebert, David Gamson, Marc Nelkin, Jon Ingoldsby): Very electro-pop sounding, uptempo track. Very infectious and bouncy from Ke$ha and it has a nice hook. Although nothing is too out of the ordinary here it’s still rated four stars in my iTunes.

Boots & Boys (Kesha Sebert, Tom Neville, Olivia Nervo, Miriam Nervo): Love em, or dislike em you gotta love the track! Cowboys.. boots & Boys.. and the such. Think Lady Gaga with Fashion as Ke$ha is to Boots & Boys.. “Somethin bout Boots & Boys.. bring me boys.. Gimme boots & boys.. Gimme boots – and boys..” “Cowboy boots, cowboy boys – oh the joy!” Infectious and a pretty nice dance floor party

Animal (Kesha Sebert, Dr. Luke, Greg Kurstin, Pebe Sebert): One of the most outstanding tracks on the entire album. Oh I love this song so much! Right when the beat kicks in and the hook starts.. you’re driven in. You can’t stop then the chorus breaks in and you’re jammin out: “This is our last chance.. to get it.. go ahead Cause the world is spinning at the speed of light. The night is fading.. heart is racing..” Very powerful, something you might expect for a title track on an album.

V.I.P.: International bonus track and possibly one of my favorite beats on the album out of them all. Very bouncy “Girls Aloud” possibly style but the bass is what really pulls it through with me. Great hook and infectious chorus what’s NOT to love about this track? Amazing is the least you can say about it! “There ain’t no scene in the V.I.P for me.. So you can take your.. and shake your ass.. It’s understood that you’re up to no good.. this shit’s crazy..”

TiK ToK (Remix): Might as well talk the unbelivably amazing Bonus track remix of the #1 smash hit TiK ToK. Yeah, you pass up other Remixes? Don’t pass this up! It clocks in just over 6:30 and it’s ever changing and very interesting. If you like TiK ToK you will LOVE this track and remix!