Pink – “Please Don’t Leave Me” Music Video

Please Don’t Leave Me” is a song written by singer P!nk and Max Martin and is the third single from her fifth studio album, Funhouse. The track was also produced by Max Martin.

Listen/Download: P!nk – Please Don’t Leave Me


9 responses to “Pink – “Please Don’t Leave Me” Music Video”

  1. I dig this video, it’ll probably get people interested in the cd again. I wound up re-listening to it and liking it better the third time around. I know she’s supposed to be on Ellen this coming week (February 3rd) but I wonder if it’s for a performance of this song or Sober.

  2. omg i love you pink !!!! im your biggest fan!!!!! u dont no how much i luv ur music so move aside other huge fans because mamas coming guess what my name is pink to!! omg!!

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