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The Weeknd – “Beauty Behind The Madness” Album Review


This tear-jerking latest release from The Weeknd is definitely worth the long awaited time fans have been waiting very patiently for. Beauty Behind The Madness, the highly anticipated release from Alternative R&B singer-songwriter and recording artist of the year, “Earned It (Fifty Shades of Grey)“, “The Hills“, “Can’t Feel My Face“, Kanye West produced “Tell Your Friends“, “In The Night” among many others – with cameos from Ed SheeranLana Del Rey – and even production from Kanye West. For a good reason this will surely impress all fans new and old.

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Future – “DS2” Album Review


DS2 (abbreviation for Dirty Sprite 2) is the third studio album by American rapper Future.

This highly anticipated mixtape/album release from the hottest rapper on the streets this Summer 2015, Future latest DS2 is everything pleasant, ear-candy mind-blowing all of what you would expect from Future- Bangers throughout and definitely exceeding fans expectations with his own unique style. We get exactly what we know and love about Future when he pours it all out. In every song, Future goes harder – he does not disappoint one bit. A MUST HAVE for any fan of Future. On first listen – you’re hooked. On second listen you’re reciting it. Addictive masterpiece and work of musical art.

The Banger of a Track Mixtape/Album was released on July 17, 2015, by A1 Recordings, Freebandz and Epic Records.

The album serves as the sequel from his breakout mixtape Dirty Sprite (2011).


  • The album’s lead single, titled “Fuck Up Some Commas“, was released on March 2, 2015 along with a music video. The song was later included on the deluxe edition. The album’s second single “Real Sisters” was released preceding for the album. The music video for the third single “Blow a Bag“, was also released preceding the album’s release. The album’s fourth single “Where Ya At” ft. Drake, was released on July 18, 2015.
  • Promotional Street singles “Trap Niggas” on April 27th 2015 and “56 Nights” (DJ Esco’s Mixtape ’56 Nights’) On May 18th, 2015 were also released along with Music Videos prior to the release of the album as promotional purposes.
  • DS2 debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, with approximately 151,000 units (sales+streams) sold in the United States. DS2 is Future’s first album to reach number-one in the United States.


1. Thought It Was a Drought (prod. Metro Boomin & Allen Ritter)

  • DOPE. Future is above average at excellence, and this is not short one bit! Very satisfying opening song. BANGER. “I just fucked your bitch in some Gucci flip flops I just had some bitches and I made ’em lip lock I just took a piss and I seen codeine coming out We got purple Actavis, I thought it was a drought.” [3 out of 5]

2. I Serve the Base (prod. Metro Boomin)

  • Beat heavy. “They should’ve told ya I got that stick with me You the one who duckin’ from a drive by My niggas unemployed sellin’ pot pies I serve the base, I serve the base” [3 out of 5]

3. Where Ya At ft. Drake (prod. Metro Boomin)

  • Featuring Drake. This is a no-brainer. The two make an irresistible on-fire track. Banger and definitely to-be fan favorite. Make it yours today. Just Future asking.. “Where Your Ass was at??” Catchy, upbeat. “Serve a lot of dog food; call you a mutt Where your ass was at dog, when I was on my come-up? The reason I’m here today cause I ain’t never gave up” [5 out of 5]

4. Groupies (prod. Metro Boomin, Southside & Sonny Digital)

  • Real smooth. “Sip on my cup , it’s a movie I pop me a Perc, it’s a movie Smokin’ oh-la-la-la like a Fugee Turn your homie to food, he a Goofy And my lil’ one get head from a groupie

5. Lil One (prod. Metro Boomin & Southside)

  • Now, don’t make me drop a bird on ya I’m gon’ drop a bag on ya I’m gon’ drop that bag on ya Don’t make me drop that bag on ya

6. Stick Talk (prod. Southside)

  • 10 million dollars cash, fuck a friend Started sipping syrup, I’ve been geeked ever since Gotta keep that heat on the seat ever since You know we talk that stick talk, that stick talk

7. Freak Ho (prod. Metro Boomin)

  • Good one. “Pretty girls reppin’ “Pretty Gang” fuckin’ wit the kiddo Type to fuck a hood nigga good, then tell em “ditto” Went from 5 on the indo, 30 rounds in the extendo Fuck a friend though, ain’t pretend though

8. Rotation (prod. Metro Boomin & Southside)

  • Real dope track. Upbeat BANGER. Dirty South Banger. Nice hi-hat kicks and drum bass sub. “I bought all the sodas at the gas station I just put a famous bitch on rotation I just put that famous bitch on rotation I just put lil shawty out on probation” [5 out of 5]

9. Slave Master (prod. Metro Boomin & Southside)

Personal favorite production and overall most energetic track. Catchy and definitely gets stuck in your head after as little as just a few plays. “Jump out a new whip, nigga, like I’m a slave master I pour up two zips nigga I’m feelin’ way better I’m feelin’ way better, I’m feelin’ way better” [5 out of 5]

10. Blow a Bag (prod. Metro Boomin, Southside & Sonny Digital)

  • Released single, mid-temp BANGER. Able to relate, down to earth and has incredible depth to the track and verses. Repetitive hook, good hook. “I ran it up with the same niggas Get that money and stay with the same niggas I know that money can change niggas They don’t look at you like you the same nigga” [4 out of 5]

11. Colossal (prod. Zaytoven)

  • Typical Zaytoven synth-keyboard bounce. (Little substance to some for those who don’t understand it) – but deep hood Street Banger to the real fans of Future. The definition of colossal is “extremely large or great,” to which Future is saying that his stacks of money are getting colossal, i.e. he’s earning so much money. “I’m hungry, I admit it, I swear I’m conditioned I served and I hustled on any conditions Fuck your permission, I’ll get to them digits Come to your town and I get and split it” [5 out of 5]

12. Rich $ex (prod. Metro Boomin, Frank Dukes & Southside)

  • Mid tempo, catchier than ever. Nice relaxing soothing sounds. I dig it. R&B/swagger style, definitely looking for a feature – but doesn’t need one as Future keeps attention throughout this entertaining track, Hook is dope! “Never made love to a misfit You never made love to a misfit Come and kick a deal on some rich shit I’ma keep it pimpin’ on some rich shit” [5 out of 5]

13. Blood on the Money (prod. Metro Boomin, Cassius Jay & Zaytoven)

  • GREAT TRACK. WOW!!! Another real good one. This is definitely a work of art.. just excelling right here! Really really loving this one. On repeat over – and over.. “She put me off and it was ugly I made a million dollars, say she love me The way she did me, it destroyed me I kept it real with lil’ shorty” [5 out of 5]

Deluxe version bonus tracks:

14. Trap Niggas (prod. Southside)

  • If you’re anybody, then you know you NEED this song. Gotta get the Deluxe version for it. Definitely worth it. “When you wake up before you brush your teeth You grab your strap, nigga Only time you get down on your knees Shooting craps, nigga Fuck what you heard, God blessin’ all the trap niggas” [5 out of 5]

15. The Percocet & Stripper Joint (prod. Southside)

  • Real talk. Percocet is a painkiller which includes the combination of oxycodone and paracetamol — in this track, Future highlights the extent of his drug use — even stretching to over the counter painkillers — while he’s in a strip club. “I get mad zooted, I got this bad thing I recruited My passion is a movie, I say fuck it ‘cause that’s ruder I stay on Miley Cyrus, every where I go I’m screwed up

16. Real Sisters (prod. Zaytoven)

  • Up tempo keyboard synth friendly track. Pretty addictive. Zaytoven bringing the heat!! “Say you getting throwed, I’m tryna pour up with you Oh, that’s your best friend? I’m tryna fuck her with you First met the bitch, they said they real sisters I don’t give a fuck if they was real sisters” [4 out of 5]

17. Kno the Meaning (prod. Southside)

  • This one is for those that ‘Kno the Meaning.’ Real stuff “I’m fresh off the plane on them Zaytiggy’s I endured so much pain, ain’t got Esco with me Ain’t got nobody smoke one or pour with me Niggas rocked the lean, man, when I was OT” [5 out of 5]

18. Fuck Up Some Commas (prod. DJ Spinz & Southside)

  • Lead single, and definitely for a good reason. Get yourself to Fuck Up Some Commas, already. What Are You Waiting For? BANGER Fake nigga lie to a real nigga Now that’s just some shit that you don’t do I’mma stay real for my real niggas Now that’s just some shit that I’m gon’ do” [5 out of 5]

All around – HIT ALBUM, and a fan favorite. All Future (all the time), and with only one Feature track (Drake), he needs no others – in which he holds his own ground alone – strong.

If you don’t know it by now, you should get to know it a bit better. Fuck Up Some Commas and get yourself a listen or two, and a copy or two of Future’s DS2 right NOW.

[THE HYPE FACTOR: 5 out of 5]

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