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E-40 “Revenue Retrievin’: Day Shift & Night Shift” – Albums Review

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E-40 is the first rapper since Nelly’s Sweat and Suit (in 2004) to drop two entire albums on the same day. Long time overdue indeed, especially when both albums are quality packed. E-40 has his history of rapping that takes every track to the next level, he has skip and can spit some crazy fire rhymes! Be prepared to be blown away with all 38 tracks there is surely something to bump to, spit to, vibe to, bump to and overal just ENJOY to! The ambassador of Yay you know what he’s already spitting. Street talk, white, brown, green, pound talk. You know you want it, E-40 has it. Night Shift features 19 tracks including guest appearances from Snoop Dogg, Too Short, Ya Boy, Bobby Valentino, Keak da Sneak, San Quinn and many others. Which one do you prefer Day Shift or Night Shift – both are bangin!! Check out the insanely detailed track by track review below.

Revenue Retrievin: Day Shift

1. Back In Business – Indeed, some sampling with a good bassline. E-40 drops in after about 0:45 of sampling, but you know it’s going down. It’s E-40 swagger that he brings and this is a great opener track.

2. Whip It Up (feat. Gucci Mane) – “SKRRRR!!” INSANELY ADDICTIVE track, catchy hook and features no one other than Gucci Mane. But hardly that is the only reason why this is an outstanding track. When you hear this, you’ll know what’s up and it’ll most definitely be on repeat for a while! Doesn’t hurt that BURR Gucci is featured on it too!

3. Bitch (feat. Too Short) – A street single from the album and an average track but probably pretty slick if you just wanna lay back and ride to this track. Classic sounding track from maybe the mid 90s, this is something you’ll like to vibe to.

(Bitch Music Video)

4. Undastandz Me – BANGER, most definitely. When that beat goes you know you’re turning up the sound. Nice verses from E-40 and nice wordplay. He really takes this track to the next level, you’ll understand when you hear him spit over this track. Mostly his verses are outstanding, but you get the idea – he definitely takes this to the next level!

5. Duck – Nice sub and bass track, what do you expect E-40 to talk about “Duck”. Hah, pretty simple huh? Nice track.

6. I Get Down (feat. B-Legit) – “Cause I Get down…” Average bumper, but nothing really out of the ordinary or spectacular.

7. The Art of Story Tellin – Everybody knows Drama’s “The Art of Story Tellin” right? Well, E-40 has a story to tell.. listen on.. This track will immediately have you drawn in, spoken sort of rap style but nonetheless hot! This song doesn’t need a hook at all, but when it drops – ohh you know it only gets better! Next drops the next verse, you know you’re with it. Repeat it a few times, you know you love it!

8. Fuck You Right (feat. J. Valentine) – Slow bumper, maybe sounding like the mid nineties again. Something smooth, pretty average overall track though. Maybe baby making music.. you decide what you do to this.

9. This A Boy (feat. Droop-E) – Pretty hot beat that’s going on with this one. “This mothafucka right here gone…” Insane lay overs with this track that physically and mentally takes you to that next level. E-40 definitely shows these beat justice.

10. I’m A Teach Ya How To Sell Dope – Really E-40, if we haven’t learned from his Ten other studio albums already, he’s gonna go and teach us again. Well, some of us might need a recap on how to do it. Of course it’s one of those addictive child-hood rhymes than everyone can sing while they’re cooking up their dope (right? what else would you listen to this for?) Maybe, just when you’re selling dope? Nah, maybe when you’re smoking too. Anyway, E-40 always showing justice to these tracks, and this isn’t an exception.

11. Lightweight Jammin (feat. Clyde Carson & Husalah) – Something you can probably dance or jig to. Some Black Eyed Peas’ and Will.i.am “I Gotta Feeling” references from a cameo. Sort of just a crazy out there randomness track, those are fun sometimes right?

12. The Weedman (feat. Stresmatic) – Alright, you already know E-40 and his smoking habits. “Hey Mama, I know the weedman!” The hook repeats over and over. Insanely addictive indeed, probably gonna have you repeating it over and over. “.. he’s my friend!” No doubt the most outstanding part are E-40’s verses, definitely will have you repeating them within a listen or two. Personal favorite of mine, banger of a track and the verses are too hot!

(The Weedman Music Video)

13. Everyday Is a Weekend (feat. The Jacka) – Pretty nice track, really enjoy the production. Some keyboards with a nice beat and a hot flow over it. Can’t go too wrong with this combination, and then the hook drops and you’re vibin!

14. Go It – Do you got it? Well E-40 definitely has got it for this track. “They say they got it, but I got it!” Upbeat banger of course like you might expect, alright flowing from E-40 he’s definitely on top of his game.

15. Rick Ross Horns (feat. Mary James) – Slow jammer, sort of feels like the flowing is not jigging with the track. But, that might be what you like and I may be wrong.

16. Dem Boyz – A FAVORITE of mine. HOT beat and very excellent verses. Great verses from E-40 and will definitely be on repeat over and over. “Don’t fuck with Dem Boyz!!”

17. Outta Control (feat. Dem Hoodstarz & Mistah F.A.B.) – Pretty dope track. It’ll have you sayin “We Outta control!” Nice cameos more than you might expect from the features. Sort of sounding like E-40 a bit, but doing their own thing. Nice verses and pretty catchy hook.

18. All I Need – Female vocal sample through out the track. Think “Ashanti” or someone similar and an overall cheery “The money been good to me” track. Talking about his haters and how he’s better than them so there’s not much to say bad about him. You might think otherwise, but I think E-40’s doing his thing on this track.

19. It’s Gotta Get Betta feat. Mike Marshall & Suga T) – Everyone’s always been in that hard spot. When it’s been tight and you don’t know when it’s gonna get better. Hard to pay your bills and medicine? Yeah, he’s been there too. E-40 takes you there with this track, there and back he’s definitely dope on this track – check this one out.

Revenue Retrievin: Night Shift

1. Over The Stove – Street single and video and an overall great track and single. Are you over the stove, well if not you’ll still probably really dig this track! Pretty nice bass banger for your car to ride to, or well when “I’m Over the Store..” Nice hook that’ll probably have you chanting over and over while probably reciting most of E-40’s verses too!

2. Nice Guys – Street single and probably one of the most radio friendly solo tracks on the album. Dealing with “Nice Guys finish last and stay broke.. bad guys finish first and push coke..” You know the old saying, er new saying. You get the idea, E-40 spits some crazy flowing and definitely will have you hooked when the keys bring in after his first verse. One of the most outstanding tracks on the album. “I’m more than just a rapper.. I’m an event”

(Nice Guys Music Video)

3. Can’t Stop The Boss (feat. Too Short, Snoop Dogg & Jazze Pha) – If you expected a banger you’ll be sorely mistaken. It’s a slow tempo’d, piano jam out session. Stripped back 90s feeling, something you can really chill to. Doesn’t hurt Snoop Dogg is a feature too.

4. Show Me What U Workin With (feat. Too Short) – Ayyy, really digging this track. The production is really top notch, then E-40 drops in and you’re really digging and vibing with it! Even if you don’t like the topic that it’s about, that’s impossible because it’ll have you too driven and jigging all out to it. Hot verses indeed.

5. How I’m Feeling Right Now – You drunk? You high? On Girls? On Money? On Liquor? On Trees? On something else? Probably this is one track you’ve gotta check out when you’re really in the mood. Nice club bump track, good banger for a party or a Friday or Saturday night (or whenever you’re partying!) Before you’re going to the bar, while you’re at the bar – when you’re coming home. Anytime! Upbeat fun track and very listenable and pretty radio friendly. “I can’t explain how I’m feeling right now!!…..”

6. Knock Em Down Music (feat. Ya Boy, Turf Talk & Cousin Fik) – Pretty different production on this track. But the same ol’ same ol’ E-40 from every other track. He’s got it, it’s fresh and it’s definitely something you haven’t heard yet.

7. Stilettos and Jeans (feat. Bobby V) – Chill slowed down feel good track. Bobby V on the track, so it gives the track that very needed R&B soul on the album. One of my favorite tracks on the entire album.

8. He’s a Gangsta (feat. The Boy Boy Young Mess, The Jacka & Kaveo) – HOT banger indeed, just what you might expect from the track. E-40 definitely brings it on this track, his features do the track some great justice too!

9. Spend The Night (feat. Laroo, The DBz, Droop-E & B-Slim) – I do NOT know what is up with this female sample throughout the track, but if you can definitely ignore it the verse are above average. But something seems really weird and off with this track, but you might dig it. I honestly don’t know if anyone knows how to sing in key with this song, but you might go for that sort of thing.

10. Wet (feat. Ya Boy & Cousin Fik) – Okay, because it’s called “Wet” doesn’t need a weird ass sounding “watery” sound throughout the song. But I guess, it could be unique. You might like it, especially when the beat drops. E-40 has some nice flowing and you’ll probably start bumping this after a listen or two. I dig this sound, it’s different.

11. Trained To Go (feat. Laroo, The DBz, Mac Shawn & 100) – Are you trained to go?? Some real street talking going on here that some guys could definitely relate to. If you rep this living you will really understand this track it might even feel a little personal. With the soft Piano it gives it this really grainy effect and dark sound. Really great track here.

12. More Mass, More Treble (feat. Cousin Fik & Turf Talk) – You probably should start on this track if you’re looking for something with “More Bass, More Treble” but probably moreso because it’s E-40’s track. The features have some good cameos and you’ll be reciting them in no time. Very addictive verses that flow nice.

13. Ahhhh Shit – “He’s talking Shit shit shit…” Who can’t relate to that? Well maybe you’ll like this track, addictive hook repetitive but nice. “UUGHHH” E-40 spits very educated flowing and definitely not wack even with a title like Ahhh Shit.

14. Turn Up The Music – Upbeat new sound to it. Old sound mixed with it. Typically this could go bad but E-40 definitely shows some justice to it. Very listenable “Turn Up The Music” sample, and something you can really bump to over and over.

15. Power Up (feat. Keak Da Sneak & San Quinn) – Soft beat going on, but you know it’s gonna be weird. Sort of reminding me of Mario’s music on the final Ship levels on the Nintendo. I might just have a weird sense with the “DUN DUN DUN” but if you’ve played Mario you’ll understand where I’m coming from. Pretty stripped down track, some alright verses nice to hear a variety of flowing here.

16. Prepared – Again, sounding sort of like retro video game sound effects here. Pretty hot hook indeed: “You call it paranoid, I call it prepared. I never bust in the airr… I never bust in the airr…” Definitely a favorite bumper on the entire two tracks here. Very cool sounding, get the full effect and turn it up loud!!

17. Attention (feat. Dru Down, Suga Free & Stomp Down) – “Got To Pay me Ho, got to bring me back my dough”. All this bitch talk from E-40 and you thought it might get dull. Nah, he changes it up and it’s pretty hot this time around. “You’ve got to pay me ho, or pay me no.. Attention”

18. The Server – Sort of African sounding sample at the beginning, think Lion King sort of? Brings in Animal acoustic effects for sampling with a triplet sounding bass in the background. Different sounds with some electronic effects to make it different. Average verses. “I’m not a knock, I’m the server”

(The Server Music Video)


19. Let Go And Let God – Some horns and slow chill laid back keys and bringing in a late 70s or 80s sound. Obviously it’s soulful music with spitting from E-40 about some serious topics for once. Pretty respectful track after listening to the verses, really listen to them!

Even if you aren’t a long fan of E-40 you’ll definitely like his swagger he brings to each and every track. Although some hooks may seem repetitive they are right when they are used. Other tracks have no repetitive hooks but are very catchy on their own. Very enjoyable, well thought-out and two very EXCELLENT albums. From bumpers to bangers, from hood talk to slangin. E-40’s got it all, he’s still go it and he’s just demolishing the competition with his double album he’s dropped for 2010. This is one you’ve gotta check out, be a part of history and pick up BOTH Revenue Retrievin – Day Shift & Night Shift. Both are top notch quality, with spitting, features, beats, and everything else that you might get out of two great albums. E-40’s here to stay, he’s not going anywhere and he’s only just getting better.

THE HYPE FACTOR: 4 out of 5


  1. yall niggaz is fucked up thinkin nelly was the first rapper to drop two albums on one day that shyt was off top mac dre cmon now sucka ass niggaz get yo facts str8


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Even if you aren't a long fan of E-40 you'll definitely like his swagger he brings to each and every track. Although some hooks may seem repetitive they are right when they are used. Other tracks have no repetitive hooks but are very catchy on their own. Very enjoyable, well thought-out and two very EXCELLENT albums. From bumpers to bangers, from hood talk to slangin. E-40's got it all, he's still go it and he's just demolishing the competition with his double album he's dropped for 2010. This is one you've gotta check out, be a part of history and pick up BOTH Revenue Retrievin - Day Shift & Night Shift. Both are top notch quality, with spitting, features, beats, and everything else that you might get out of two great albums. E-40's here to stay, he's not going anywhere and he's only just getting better. E-40 "Revenue Retrievin': Day Shift & Night Shift" - Albums Review