Robyn – “Body Talk Pt. 2” Album Review

Robyn – “Body Talk Pt. 2” Album Review

New Pt. 2 Studio album from Pop artist Robyn. Body Talk Pt. 2 is the sixth studio album by Swedish recording artist Robyn. It will be released in the United Kingdom on September 6th 2010 and a day later in the United States. The studio album features many upbeat Pop tracks and features American rapper Snoop Dogg.

It is the second part of the Body Talk series, which consists of three mini-albums. The album will be preceded by the single, “Hang with Me“, which will be released on September 5th 2010.

In My Eyes” is an upbeat Electro-pop track. It’s an average opener track, it’s fun and bouncy like something you might expect from early 90s Robyn. You’ll probably be skipping this track majority of the album spins, however because it comes first maybe it will really grow on you like it has me.

Include Me Out” is a nice beat and upbeat pop track. Very addicting track, much like how it describes it at the beginning as “It is very really simple, it is just a regular pulse repeated at a regular interval”. Loud thuds that really make this track a good loud sub banger and more addicting than ever once it hits the Hook and Chorus. We’re all feeling good here, right? That’s just what Robyn is feeling too. “Just don’t Include me out”

“Hang With Me” Music Video / Robyn

Hang With Me” is the first lead single from the studio album. “And if you do me right, I’m gonna do right by you – And if you keep it tight, I’m gonna confide in you. I know what’s on your mind, there will be time for that too – if you hang with me, hang with me..” With the ever-touching deep lyrics that each and every one of could probably relate to at one time or another. Very Radio friendly and equally as addicting as “Dancing On My Own” from Body Talk Pt. 1. Will you tell me once again.. how we gonna be just friends.. If you’re for real and not pretend… Then I guess you can Hang With Me…

“Love Kills” / Robyn

Love Kills” is the dance club track that’s gonna burn up your car and stereos on full blast over and over. Robyn tears this Dance track up with nothing left behind but a killer bass line and that hook that you’re singing all day. Don’t come messing with love, it will hurt you for real – don’t you know that Love Kills

We Dance To The Beat” is a repeative Electro-techno-pop track much comparable to Don’t F#cking Tell Me What To Do featured on Body Talk Part 1. The track seems a bit lacking, however it’s very “out-there” within Robyn’s worldwide genre-reach. Might be fun if you really can really relate to what the song is about.

“Criminal Intent” / Robyn

Criminal Intent” is an upbeat Pop club banger. That’s for a good reason. The second Robyn drops a verse on the track, you think ohhh.. she’s serious. Then it picks up at the beat, and you know it’s really on. You get your body moving and really start grooving and digging it. This is a style of Robyn I think we’d all appreciate to see much more of! Somebody alert the authories I got Criminal Intent… Conspiracy to engage in lewd and indecent acts and events. Imma wind it grind it, imma have to say it again – Somebody alert the authories I got Criminal Intent…

“U Should Know Better” / Robyn ft. Snoop Dogg

U Should Know Better” featuring Snoop Dogg is an upbeat Pop track that you could definitely hear on American radio. Robyn takes the track with mostly rapping, which her style is outstanding. On comes Snoop, and Robyn and him do magic together on the track definitely. The more outstanding parts are the verses mainly, because in particular the Chorus lacks something.

Indestructible (Acoustic Version)” is an outstanding acoustic Pop track. Robyn definitely kills this song and you can tell immediately. Insanely addicting Violins and verses that just paint out this beautiful picture in the progress. Looking forward to this being a future single or an upbeat version featured on a Part 3 possibly? Great Acoustic version like Robyn is very great at producing such a great song. “And I was never smart with love.. I Let the bad ones in, and the good ones go.. but.. I’m gonna love like you like I’ve never been hurt before.. I’m gonna love you like I’m Indestructable.”




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