I’m Back” is the first single from T.I.‘s upcoming seventh studio album King Muzik, the album is set to be released on August 24, 2010. The track is produced by TrackSlayers.

Lyrics for T.I. – I’m Back

[T.I – Chorus]
I never let you down I’ma shine on site
keep your mind on your grind and off mine alright
hards as them balls on squares I float (?)
quarter million dollar cars everywhere I go
I know in the lead it may see it might be
but no matter what they doing they don’t do it like me
like a G I hold it down for the town I’m at
and I flash like that
recognise I’M BACK!
Strike a match catch a fire

[Verse 1]
any moment I decide thats enough of all your lies
boy your boys just died
step inside super fly to the shoes in they coupe
then exit out with all the b-tches like we always do
my desire to retire growing every new coupe
(?) just dont we ride like my n-gga you too
tight jeans, funny hair, cuz dancing on the screen
it’s about the real n-ggas in the game so it seems
just pretending holla pimpin get a sh-t a black eye eye
next he say he trapping in my head I’m like why
be yourself, you aint gotta pimp bone in your body
I can tell ya aint never bought a key or caught a body
n-gga private jet seeing Wayne Gucci Mane, me and Boosie all go to prison
I ain’t flippin hoe average n-gga tripping
listen, do for you that aint in the cars
like the powers and the guns
but afterall its in your heart
nowadays I don’t know wassup with n-ggas in the A
guess he think he in the game but he really in the way
violating, I was having conversations in the joint
but guess who done it and I promised I would put you on point
I’m disappointed in you dog you aint hold it down at all
but I aint going in your jaw just gon show ya how to ball
standing tall through the storm only (?) in the dorms
cats in prison who expecting me to represent for em

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Jason Geter said that T.I. has been in the studio with DJ Toomp, Lil Cee, Danja, The Runners and TrackSlayers. He also said that much of the album’s production would come from new producers. He also confirmed features from The-Dream and Trey Songz. The-Dream commented on his work with T.I. saying “sounds great. He’s sounding beautiful. His spirit is really good. He’s got the eye of the tiger.” Rap-Up had reported that T.I. has been recording with fellow Grand Hustle artist B.o.B.. In an interview with Vibe, the production duo, TrackSlayers, confirmed that they recorded three songs with T.I., including “I’m Back”.