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Wiz Khalifa – Roll Up Music Video

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Roll Up” is the second promotional single and music video from rapper Wiz Khalifa‘s upcoming third studio album, Rolling Papers.

The music video stars electric-lightning bolt earring wearing / mind-drone-induced former Bad Boy beauty Cassie as Mr. Khalifa’s honey he “rolls up” to.

The music video was directed by Jake Davis and it premiered in early March 2011.

The track was produced by Stargate, the same producer of Khalifa’s hit lead single “Black & Yellow“.

Listen to: Wiz Khalifa – Roll Up

  • Roll Up - Single - Wiz Khalifa

Lyrics for Wiz Khalifa – Roll Up

I roll up
I roll up
I roll up
Shawty I roll up
I roll up
I roll up
I roll up

[Wiz Khalifa – Verse 1]
Its your anniversy is’nt it
And your man aint acting right
So you packin’ your Domiar luggage up callin’ my cell phone, try and catch a flight
You know one thing straight, I’ll be there girl whenever you call me
When you at home thats your man, soon as you land you say thats all me
But shit aint all g with him no more, you aint entertained
Since I meet you a couple months ago you aint been the same
Not sayin I’m the richest man alive but I’m in the game
As long as you keep it 100 Imma spend this change,

Whenever you need me
Whenever want me,
You know you can call me, I’ll be there shortly
Don’t care what your friends say, cause they dont know me
I can be your best friend, and you be my homie
I aint gonna flex, I’m not gonna front
You know if I ball, then we all gonna stunt
Send her my way, she aint gotta hold up
Whenever you call baby I roll up, I roll up, I roll up
Whenever you call baby I roll up, I roll up, I roll up
Whenever you call baby I roll up

[Wiz Khalifa – Verse 2]
I try to stay out your business
But on the real you’re so obvious
And if you keep fitting me in your plans and f-ckin up, your mans gonna catch onto us
That white sand surrouding us
He be handcuffing, he should work for them officers
If you rolling I got a spot where I can put you on this medical, and send you home doctored up
You wanna ride with me cause you say that he boring
Wake up you rollin’ weed, cooking eggs in the morning
Ain’t scared to spend this money I’ll make more of it
First you was in the sky now you say you in orbit


No matter where I am
No matter where you are
I’ll be there when it’s over baby
Cause I was there from the start
No matter if I’m near
Don’t matter if your far
All you do is pick the phone up lady
And I’ll be there when you call

Whenever you need me
Whenever want me…

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