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Kesha – Take It Off Music Video

Take It Off” is a song by American recording artist and songwriter Ke$ha, from her debut album, Animal. The song was written by Lukasz Gottwald and Claude Kelly and it was produced by Dr. Luke. It was released as the fourth official single from the album on July 13, 2010.

The video was filmed on July 1, 2010. It was directed by Paul Hunter and Dori Oskowitz. While being interviewed Kesha explained the main premises behind the video, “(The video is) about me and all my hot vampire babe friends breaking into a hotel on another planet, and at the end we all turn into this beautiful stardust. Once you take it all off, all your inhibitions, your clothes, we’re all made up of the same thing.”

She explained that she did not want the video to just be about “Taking it off”, that there was an actual message being the video explaining, “[The] Take It Off” clip isn’t just about taking off your clothes and rolling in glitter. It’s also about taking off your inhibitions and being raw and real”.

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