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DJ Drama feat. Fabolous, Roscoe Dash & Wiz Khalifa – Oh My

Oh My” is the first single from DJ Drama‘s upcoming third studio album, Gangsta Grillz 3: The Album.

The track features American rappers Fabolous, Roscoe Dash & Wiz Khalifa.

It is produced by Drumma Boy and the song premiered in early April 2011.

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Gucci Mane – What It’s Gonna Be Music Video

What It’s Gonna Be” is a promotional single from American rapper Gucci Mane‘s third studio album, The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted.

The music video premiered in early November 2010.

The Banger of a Track was produced by Drumma Boy.

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Waka Flocka Flame feat. Roscoe Dash and Wale – No Hands

No Hands” is the third single from American rapper Waka Flocka Flame‘s upcoming first studio album Murda-Man Flocka. The single was released onto iTunes in early September 2010.

The single, produced by Drumma Boy features artists and rappers Roscoe Dash and Wale.

A music video was shot August 26, 2010.

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Gucci Mane – Makin Love To The Money Music Video

Makin Love To The Money” is a street single from rapper Gucci Mane‘s latest mixtape with DJ Holiday Jewelry Selection. The track is produced by Drumma Boy.

The video is an EXPLICIT version and is only to be viewed by 18+, proceed at your own risk – there is mild nudity.

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S. Fresh feat. Lloyd & Lola Monroe – Boss Chick Music Video

Boss Chick” is the third single from rapper S. Fresh‘s upcoming debut studio album Heart of Da City. The track features R&B singer Lloyd and female rapper Lola Monroe. The sub-Banger of a track was Produced by Drumma Boy & the video was Directed by Mr. Boomtown

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Young Jeezy feat. Plies – Lose My Mind

Lose My Mind” is the first official single released from Jeezy‘s upcoming album, Thug Motivation 103. The song features rapper Plies. The track is produced by Drumma Boy. The release of Thug Motiation 103 will signify the name change from Young Jeezy to just Jeezy, as previously seen on Rihanna’s “Hard” feat. Jeezy.


Gorilla Zoe “Don’t Feed Da Animals” – Album Review


Available now on iTunes!

Don’t Feed Da Animals is the second studio album by rapper Gorilla Zoe. It features the Drumma Boy produced first single “Lost”, and Zaytoven produced second single “What It Is” and third single “Echo”. It features guest appearances by Rick Ross, OJ Da Juiceman and Gucci Mane and features productions by Drumma Boy and Zaytoven as well as others. Originally a member of Boyz N Da Hood his singles “Hood Nigga” and being featured on “Coffee Shop” and “Bottle Poppin” is Gorilla Zoe’s second studio album going to be bigger and badder than his first album Welcome to the Zoo?

The banger of an opening Untamed Gorilla is produced by Kane Beatz is a strong track on Zoe’s part, it features JC on the hook. Bass banger nice deliverance and a really catchy track overall.

Dope Boy is a very auto-tuned track, produced by Don Vito. It’s an alright track once you get the feel for it and when you can manage the autotunee. “We be in the hood all the bitches in the hood love a dope boy everybody loves a Dope boy… a dope boy..”

I’m Dumb a bass banger produced by FATBOI is a really nice track to bang in your car. Loud bass and alright deliverance makes this a nice track to repeat over and over in your car. Leaked awhile ago, so I might just be biased to it and might have already overplayed it.

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Lost originally featured Lil’ Wayne on mixtapes, later removed for release as the first single and is produced by Drumma Boy. Great first single which features autotune on Zoe’s part and a good banger. “I’m lost on a road…Don’t know which way to go.. I’m losing my mind.. Losing control of the wheel.. And I’m swerving On and off the road..”

Check out Gorilla Zoe & Lil’ Wayne performing “Lost” Live:

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Shit On Em is a track produced by Zaytoven. It possibly has too many “Shit” references, but besides that umm.. yeah Gorilla Zoe autotune. Nothing out of the ordinary but I guess if you want to sing the chorus.. feel free. It’s extremely catchy and even though I would rather it be about something else.. it’s a very catchy and nice banger for your car.“I doo doo, I boo boo, I poo poo.. I shit on em you shit on em? I shit on em”

Hood Clapalthough produced by new name Dee Jay Dana, it can possibly be compared to Hurricane Chris’ “Hand Clap” but mixed with a bit of Hood Nigga and some Zoe style together in a track. “If you hood and you know it, clap your hands..”


What It Is is the second single from the album, it was produced by Zaytoven and features rappers Rick Ross & Kollosus. It’s an above average rap track by Zaytoven with horns, some bass and some keyboards. Typical track and above average, possibly a classic hood anthem if it gets enough support. “We took the fours off the chevy and we sat it those sixes (sixes) lipstick on them rims got them rims blowin kisses (kisses)…. they know what it is… yall know what it is… he know what is is… she know what it is”

Helluvalife is produced by Zaytoven, features Gucci Mane and OJ Da Juiceman. You might not think the track is a typical Gucci Mane or OJ Da Juiceman track, however they keep they’re style and it’s an average track. Could probably be a better overall track. “I’m living one Helluvalife.. one of those nights in my Helluvalife..”

I Got It features Big Block and is a produced by Drumma Boy and is a track that particularly stood out to me. Some autotune, although not as bad as some tracks good verses including Zoe with autoune. “It ain’t trickin if you got it, and I got it .. so bad I just wanna take her shoppin. I got it.. you got it I want it, so bad I wanna see you in the mornin – so bad I wanna see you when you moanin you can have whateve you been wantin…”

Echo is the third single from the album and produced by Drumma Boy is Zoe’s attempt at R&B auto-tune artist again, and this time it could possibly go very mainstream radio. Very nice production and nice part by Zoe. “Echo.. ech-ech-echo… And I’m gone and you’re all alone.. can’t you hear the… Echo.. ech-ech-echo… with no one near you – there’s no one to hear you”

Watch Me is a track produced by Drumma Boy, it features Yung Chris. Although produced by Drumma Boy and I typically like his tracks, I don’t think I really like this one too much, probably the weakest song on Zoe’s part, nice track on Drumma Boy’s part.

It would be nice to see Gorilla Zoe try something new besides his R&B autotune singing, but overall – it’s a solid release. It would be nice to see Zoe use some new lines, but I guess when you talk about the same thing the typical lines come up more than once. Basic hood talk, nothing really new besides some autotune and some hot beats. If you’re not looking for lyrical hiphop you shouldn’t be listening to Gorilla Zoe (but you should already know that’s not Zoe), then you’re in for some nice ear candy and some bass bangers to keep your cars happy for awhile.

Outstanding Tracks

  • “Untamed Gorilla” featuring JC
  • “Lost”
  • “What It Is” featuring Rick Ross & Kollosus
  • “Hood Clap”
  • “Shit On Em”
  • “I Got It” featuring Big Block

THE HYPE FACTOR Evaluation: 3 1/2 out of 5

Available now on iTunes!


“iSouljaBoyTellEm” Soulja Boy – Album Review


iSouljaBoyTellEm is the second studio album from rapper Soulja Boy Tell’Em. The album features artists Gucci Mane, Shawty Lo, Sean Kingston, Sammie and features productions by Polow Da Don, Jim Jonsin and Drumma Boy. Soulja Boy brought you the Top 40 smash hit “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” and

I’m Bout Tha Stacks (Intro)“, “Rubber Bands” and “I Pray (Outro)” being the better produced tracks, both produced by Drumma Boy. I’m Bout Tha Stacks has an alright hook, but definitely shows that his rapping game has jumped up quite a bit. Also the typical Drumma Boy track bangers. “Rubber Bands” is about what other than “Rubber Bands”, an alright track and probably could’ve done some work on the lyrics. “I Pray” could do without the vocals.. don’t sing if you can’t.

6 of the 16 tracks are produced by Soulja Boy himself that include “Bird Walk”, “Gucci Bandana” featuring Gucci Mane & Shawty Lo, “Booty Got Swag (Donk pt 2)”, “Hey You There”, “Wit My Yums On”, and “Go Head”. “Bird Walk” is a the first single off his second studio album. It’s an alright track overall, and probably the only ok “street radio single” for singles – even includes the annoying Soulja Boy sounds to kick it off. This isn’t a bad thing, but I think it could’ve been done without them. Lyrical flow has really improved.

Gucci Bandana” could’ve been a great street track, however they let Soulja Boy go again and produce the track. The track features Shawty Lo and Gucci Mane. One of the better tracks, with a lacking track that could’ve been worlds better if it had been done by someone else.

All of the other Soulja Boy produced tracks are the typical, if not pretty boring tracks overall. As if we didn’t get enough of the same sound on the CD he thought we’d appreciate to hear some of the same style of his roots of Crank That. Alright hooks, ok bass but they don’t go much further. Rapping lyrically about chains, and how much he’s achieved. Stuff other rappers could get away easily, Soulja Boy can’t really. He got away with it for the first CD, I guess it could be fun for some girls to dance to in particular “Booty Got Swag“, “Hey You There” and “With My Yums On“.

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Jim Jonsin produced and second single – “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” features R&B singer Sammie and probably the best track on the CD for mainstream play. Passable to compare it to Soulja Girl 2.0. Good hook, and great overall track – personal favorite.

Polow da Don produced “Yamaha Mama” features Sean Kingston and has an overall nice hook if you can still listen to Sean Kingston.

Like it or not, “Shoppin’ Spree” has a nice beat produced by Mr. Hanky. It features Gucci Mane & Yo Gotti, and in my opinion is one of Soulja Boy’s better flowing tracks on the CD  (probably because of the help from Gucci Mane). Good lyrical and good verses by both Gucci Mane & Yo Gotti. The album version is censored, check out some mixtapes if you want the explict versions of this and some others.

Turn My Swag On“, produced by Natural Disaster, might be so incredibly bad – that it might actually be so great, you just might never actually understand how amazing it is. Besides the hook, that you never can get out of your head is probably one of the “better” tracks on the CD. I say better, because the hook gets stuck in your head – and that’s all that really matters, right? Young Jeezy, Fabolous and Lil’ Wayne have done covers of this – which could probably help him out in the future for his reptuation, the little that he has.

So, it’s Soulja Boy’s second CD. Overall, I think he has improved greatly from the first album. However, I think until he finds the right producers to work with – and something to talk about (that isn’t media/publicity driven) then he might just be taken seriously. Soulja Boy is definitely here to stay whether you like it or not. Check out his album iSouljaBoyTellEm available now!

THE HYPE FACTOR: 2 1/2 out of 5


Album Review: “Gutta” – Ace Hood

Gutta is the debut album of Ace Hood, released on We The Best Music and Def Jam collaborating with Slip-N-Slide on November 18th, 2008. Guest appearances include Trick Daddy, Plies, Akon, Rick Ross, T-Pain and more. Production comes from J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, DJ Nasty, The Inkredibles, The Runners, Cool & Dre, Gold Ru$h, and more. “Cash Flow,” his debut single, was released in May 2008. “Ride,” featuring Trey Songz, was the follow-up single and was released in July. On August 26, the original release date for the album, a video for the song “Get ‘Em” was released on the internet.

I really was waiting for the release of Ace Hood’s debut album “Gutta” for awhile. After everything DJ Khaled was talking about him before the release I really wanted to see what he had. I really wanted to give this album a fair review so I gave it a ton of spins and a few weeks for evaluation.

Ace Hood feat. T-Pain & Rick Ross / Cash Flow

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T.I. – What Up, What’s Haapnin’

What Up, What’s Happenin’” is the third single from T.I.‘s upcoming sixth studio album “Paper Trail”. It features production by Drumma Boy. It will be released on iTunes September 2nd. The song peaked at #5 on Billboard bubbling under R&B/Hip-Hop chart when it first leaked into Internet. The song is a direct diss to Shawty Lo.

Video was shot in Bankhead and is set to be released on iTunes September 9th. Because the song is a diss to Shawty Lo, the video was shot in his neighborhood.



Rick Ross feat. Nelly & Avery Storm – “Here I Am” Video Premiere

Here I Am is the third single from Rick Ross‘ sophomore album Trilla. It features Nelly & Avery Storm, and the track is produced by Drumma Boy.