V.I.C. – ‘Get Silly’



1. Get Silly (Acapella)
2. Get Silly (Clean)
3. Get Silly (Dirty)
4. Get Silly (Instrumental)

Soulja Boy‘s next creation is here, and I brought it to you way back in December! Anything worth having demands hard work and sacrifice. Just ask Atlanta’s newest superstar-in-the-making V.I.C. as he readies for his debut album, due in Spring 2008.

Born in the rough and tumble Corona section of Queens, NY to a native New Yorker mom and African immigrant dad from Ghana, V.I.C. has been making music for as long as he can remember. He was 10 years old when he first put pen to pad after being asked to write a drug awareness rap for his elementary school. “All the students loved it,” V.I.C. remembers. “I came home and wrote the whole song myself. I have been rapping pretty much all my life. I didn’t know I had the gift, but the gift had been with me.”

It was during that same year that his parents relocated down south to Atlanta’s south side suburb of College Park. And even though music was deeply embedded in his soul, he wouldn’t pick up the mic again until high school. “When I was in high school, I was focused on being a lyricist. My lyrics were mind blowing to the people I was rapping around,” he recalls. “When you rap against southern rappers, they’re talking about riding in their car with big rims. I had a lot of punch lines.”


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