Miley Cyrus – See You Again (The Remixes) (Promo CDM)

Miley Cyrus - See You Again (The Remixes)See You Again” is a song co-written by Miley Cyrus, credited as Destiny Hope Cyrus, from Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus. It was performed along with “G.N.O. (Girl’s Night Out)” at the 2007 Disney Channel Games, filmed in Orlando, Florida, USA. The two songs aired as a part of the closing ceremonies. “See You Again” has been confirmed as the second single for Miley Cyrus. Cyrus has also confirmed on her official website that this is her favorite song.

01. See You Again (Johnny Coppola – Dance You Again Remix Edit)
02. See You Again (Johnny Coppola – Dance You Again Remix)
03. See You Again (Mark Roberts Ultimix)

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  1. miley cyrus is the worst rolemodel. selena gomez is way better. miley’s show should be changing the main charater to selena gomez and change the name of the show to selena gomez or someting cuz miley went nude in a picture that no one saw but like 10,000 ppl cause they took it off

  2. hey miley is not a bad roll model she just made a mustake god will always forgive her an thats the only one she has to say sorry to. so dont jude her just for that pic .she is such a good person an id do anything to meet her face to fce its my dream =]
    i love miley cyrus-im her #1 fan 4 real
    miley cyrus rocks my socks=]

  3. miley rocks forget the picks they dont mean nothin she is just a regular person we all make stupid mistakes and even though she didi that i still luv her as a fan and want to one day sing with her on stage one day she rocks

  4. OMG! Miley is so young and thoes stupid pictures are not something you can just earase from a persons mind. I have tons of friendsa who “used” to ador her untill what happened… now 100% of my 50+ friends hate her. Answer this too, how do you think my parents are takeing this, I’ve been reading online alot about this and discovered that a ton of parents dislike her, her show, and who she has become. When I used to look up Hannah Montana or Miley Crycus, I’d get number one fan site, or Miley rocks… now I find, join the I hate Miley Crycus club, why you should hate Hannah.etc You think it’s not a big deal but it is… look at Vanessa now, yea she said sorry and of couse we forgave her, but thoes pics ar’t just gonna go magicly away – I was a #1 fan of Miley untill I saw her change. When I saw the pics she took, I cried cause I thought my “role model” was better than that! She has a great voice and amazing talent but shes useing it the wrong way and I’m not supporting anyone like that. Once my family found out, they took out Hannah Montana and Miley Crycus from my families life! I can’t go buy her new CD, I can’t go to her concerts, I can’t watch her shows, I can’t listen to her music! Pictures like that are not just nothing, the hurt me / my friends / my family / and her fans! One thing I want to let you know Hannah before you go do something like that again (which I’m hoping you don’t) consider at least all you young fans who look up to you. The ones who say, “I’m gonna be like Hannah someday!” The 4 year olds to the 10 year olds, they were more hurt than us. Please don’t do anything foolish like that again, don’t give in to the star pressure, you can do it! Rock on, just don’t mess up!

    -Maria Fernandez
    -14 years old
    -live in California

  5. selena gomes has a big ass head mileY is a geart role so some people thinks thatsts shes geart she le mouth can kiss my ass! but people think differently

  6. hello Miley…
    soy una gran fans tya de vrdad. tngo tdos tus dscos ii eres la mjorr…ii eso no lo digo yo sola. Eres especialmnte wpa ii dvertida ii wena cn tus fans x aora no e podio ii a nnguno d tus cncertos pro m se cad cncion tuya…Estoo es un grn saludo enorme de tu fans nº1 qe te qiere muxo, laurita.Bsoss y un cordial saludo.

  7. those pic r old now its been more than a year (since the pics were taken) she has grown up and so should u!


  9. Hey… Miley Cyrus is amazing!! I LOVE HER!!!! Shes my fav pop star… I love the t.v program “Hanaah Montana” it is awsome… Miley i would seriously like to sing one day with you on stage, or i woluld like you to listen to my voice. I don’t care about those pics.. and no one else should coz its your life…. I love you and i hope you couls hear me sing one day
    xxxxxxx thanks xxxxx

  10. Hi Miley….My is Ee I'm from Thailand bangkok I love u song and love u ur very cute and my fav pop star so now i can say i'm ur fan. Do u like Hilary duff I also like she but i like u more ,I know all hsm.u gave me the book and i read it. Do u know phone password of ur contry i will cell u becase i want to talk to u and gave me ur phone number too.oh my birthday is 27 may can u gave me something from u i will so much happy.I LOVE U MILEY CYRUS.BYE