CONTEST: Win a free copy of Radio Disney Jams Vol. 11


Everybody likes free stuff right? Here at The Hype Factor, I have gotten all of you (well just four of you), four available copies of Radio Disney Jams Vol. 11 available for the readers here to win, free of cost (we’ll cover the shipping). Read below to find out how to enter.

EVERYONE is eligible to enter and eligible to win one free copy.

Here’s how you enter:

  1. Reply as a comment to this thread, or..
  2. Send an email to: thehypefactor-contact-us, or..
  3. Write me a note on the Contact form page

Here’s what you include:

  1. What has The Hype Factor introduced you to? Something that you wouldn’t be listening to now, or wouldn’t have heard of if it wasn’t for The Hype Factor.
  2. What has been your favorite thing I have posted at The Hype Factor since you have been visiting. (Current to past things)

Four winners will be chosen at the end of February, so enter now if you want to win yourself a free DVD/CD copy of Radio Disney Jams Vol. 11!

Read more about Radio Disney Jams Vol. 11 below.


  1. “Burnin’ Up” – Jonas Brothers
  2. “Fly on the Wall” – Miley Cyrus
  3. “Crush” – David Archuleta
  4. “Teardrops on My Guitar” – Taylor Swift
  5. “The In Crowd” – Mitchel Musso
  6. “Get Back” – Demi Lovato
  7. Scream” – Troy (Performed by Zac Efron)
  8. “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” – Selena Gomez
  9. “Leavin’” (Radio Disney Version) – Jesse McCartney
  10. Goodbyes” – Savannah Outen
  11. “Amazed” – Vanessa Hudgens
  12. “Future Love” – Varsity Fanclub
  13. “One Love” – Jordan Pruitt
  14. “Check Yes Juliet” – We the Kings
  15. Distracted” – KSM

Bonus DVD

The Bonus DVD includes the following:

  1. Right Here, Right Now” – Troy and Gabriella (Performed by Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens)
  2. “Future Love” – Varsity Fanclub
  3. “Burnin’ Up” – Jonas Brothers
  4. Fly on the Wall” – Live Performance by Miley Cyrus at the Disney Channel Games
  5. “One Love” – Live Performance by Jordan Pruitt at the Disney Channel Games
  6. Mitchel Musso’s Making of the Album
  7. KSM’s Meet the Band

30 responses to “CONTEST: Win a free copy of Radio Disney Jams Vol. 11”

  1. Ok how to start this….The Hype Factor has introduced me to alot of music I wouldn’t have heard otherwise. Everytime I need to find a song all I have to do is come here. My favorite posting I think out of all the ones I have downloaded wow would have to be Trey Songs–Whatever you like remix…I think I will continue to come to T.H.F for quite awhile…Until it becomes uncool to pirate music….

  2. The Hype Factor has completely changed the way I look at music. Of course, I’ve always been obsessed with it, but The Hype Factor has introduced me to so much more stuff that I would never have heard otherwise. Not only have they introduced me to new bands and artists that were the type of music I already listened to, but they also have got me interested in new types of music such as japanese rap. They always have new stuff and i’m never dissapointed. My favorite band posted on here has been the Ballas Hough Band; after hearing them on here, I went to their web site and was blown away! I will most definitely be coming to The Hype Factor for my music needs- I love getting new music before it comes out! Thank you Hype Factor for being so awesome and reliable! 😀

  3. the hype factor has introduced me to new artist such as BoA and what not that i have never even heard about, whenever i check the hype factor i am never disappointed to find out it has been updated daily, so theres always fresh music to groove out too after work or school.. what i love about the hype factor are the monthly radio promo only’s which have a great blebnd of the music… if it wasnt for the hype factor, id still be rocking out to old school stuff aye!

  4. The Hype Factor Has Introduced Me To Loads Of Music I Would Never Have Heard Otherwise Including The Jonas Brothers Who I Didn’t Really Care For Until I Heard “Burnin’ Up.” From New Unknown Artists To Popular Artists T.H.F. Is Where I Come When I’m In Need Of New Music! The Favorite Thing You Have Posted Would Have To Be “Kardinall Offishal – Numba One” Because I Had Three Different Choices, One With Keri Hilson, One With Nicole Sherzinger, And One With Rihanna.

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