You remember the Beastie Boys? Well, let’s just say The Lonely Island is the Beastie Boys of 2009. I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY at the quality of tracks included on this. From features from Justin Timberlake, with SNL’s famous “Dick In A Box“, and other features from T-Pain, Norah Jones, E-40, Jack Black and Natalie Portman. Their first single spawned the media hit “Jizz in my Pants” and soon to be smash hit “I’m On A Boat” alongside with T-Pain.

First off must I say, reviewing something that is taken comedically is different, so judge for your self and pick up a copy when it drops. Also, these guys can not be taken seriously on any song – ever.  So, think about that before listening to it, and judging it. Yeah – they’re white, and yeah they rap comedically.. so?

First single also known famously as “Jizz in my Pants” across news media outlets across the web and the television. Much like most of their tracks, “Jizz in my Pants” comes off as a “WHAT?!?” type of track. But, if the lyrics aren’t your thing (they’re pretty tacky), then the music and bass will keep you entertained. Great track and great first single.

Incredibad“, the same name as the album is a very Beastie Boy’s sounding track, the typical repeating guitar sound and spitting just like they did in the old days. A classic sounding track.

The very famous Justin Timberlake featured SNL Short track “Dick in a Box” is a very entertaining track to say the very least. It’s about.. wait for it.. a “Dick in a Box”.

I’m On A Boat” is the second single off the album, it features T-Pain and although on first listen you may think it’s a joke – but after a few spins and watching the video you get the whole concept. It’s comedy, T-Pain autotune and a hot ass beat – what else do you need? Oh and don’t let me forget – some white boys putting even more guys in the rap game to shame too. T-Pain: “I never thought I’d see the day.. with a big boat coming my way. Believe me when I say – I fucked a mermaid… “ This is a track that can easily bring the Urban rap/T-Pain listeners in to see what more The Lonely Island has to offer – which is a lot of creativity.

Dreamgirl” is an R&B/Rap track that features Norah Jones, whom I’m not too familiar with but keeps this track very interesting. Her voice makes a very interesting soulful chorus alongside of the rapping.

With a cover of Slim Thug‘s single “I’m A Boss” it’s covered comedically (like every other song). This s#it is too hot, seriously! When the track starts I was thinking “hmm, it sounds familiar” but then “Like A Boss” started and then I started to think “No way.. they didn’t just do that”. The track keeps you interested and entertained, while spitting some fire on the track.

Space Olympics” is a track that apparently takes place in 3022, a track that could be compared to the styles of Eiffel 65 or another type of european/dance track. Lyrically talks about gravities and the things we love and don’t love about space (like, why we don’t host the Olympics in space.)

Santana DVX“, a track about sparkling wine Santana DVX. It is a very very interesting track, it features E-40, and it’s a very typical E-40 Westcoast sounding track. E-40 fans will not be disapointed, good verses and a great track overall.

We Like Sportz” is a track all about them liking sports. A track that everyone that can relate to (that is, if you like sports). Very humorous and entertaining track.

Sax Man” is a rock track, it features Jack Black, typical Jack Black song – so if you like a minimal rock track, this is for you.

Overall, this is an amazing album that you can easily play from beginning to end. Even if you aren’t usually into the music, or their style – their comedy will keep you interested in each and every track. Every track has a different sound and each one is perfected. With bass to please the rap fans, and comedy and jokes to please the rest of them the songs are very entertaining. With great verses and lyrics that make you laugh this is a great listen over and over.

THE HYPE FACTOR: 5 out of 5