2008 MTV Video Music Awards Performances

Britney Spears kicked off the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards with a boring introduction, and infact didn’t perform like they had announced (bummer). Other special guest performances include Lil’ Wayne, T-Pain, Leona Lewis, Rihanna, T.I., Jonas Brothers, Kanye West, Christina Aguilera, P!nk, Paramore and more.

Rihanna – Disturbia

Jonas Brothers – Lovebug

Lil Wayne feat. T-Pain & Leona Lewis – Misunderstood, A Millie, Got Money

Paramore – Misery Business

P!nk – So What

Christina Aguilera – Keeps Gettin Better

T.I. – Whatever You Like

T.I. feat. Rihanna – Livin Your Life

Kid Rock feat. Lil Wayne – All Summer Long

Kanye West – Love Lockdown

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  1. Britney was never confirmed to “perform”, she was to make an appearance on the show. Her manager confirmed the reports as a “cameo appearance” and the comedy of the skit was all based off her comedy entries in How I Met Your Mother. Neither MTV nor any sources close to Britney confirmed a performance. Anyways, check back when the MTV Germany VMAs are on… Britney has been listed to perform (actually perform) there.

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